The First Quarter – What’s Going on

1st April 2018 4 min read

The First Quarter – What’s Going on

1st April 2018 4 min read

Well hello there, welcome to my first quarterly update here on Away With Katie. I used to do monthly updates, and then I started doing happy things at the end of each month, but when we came into 2018 I wasn’t feeling it. Doing monthly updates just felt so samey and forced each month and I wasn’t even enjoying writing the posts, never mind expecting you to enjoy reading them.

However, I do kind of miss doing a little recap of what has been happening, so I figured I’d give you all a quarterly update every three months. Because good things come in threes, right? So what have I been getting up to so far this year?

The First Quarter - What's Going on |

Happy Things This Quarter

I re-branded Life of Kitty to Away With Katie. And I feel so much happier with my blog. It feels more ‘me’ now and makes me excited to keep on going and creating content. I’m still trying to get my blog stats back up to what they were at the end of last year, but I’m happier with it now and I just know that it was worth taking that hit.

My first blogger event of the year was Blog at the Beach in Leeds, and I had such a great day. The talks were all super helpful, and I spoke to some lovely people too. I mean, it was as nerve wracking as ever, but I’m so glad I went. (It was also the furthest I’d ever driven alone!)

I saw The Script live with my mum, and we had a great weekend in Manchester. We’ve been to every tour that they’ve done over here and it’s just never a question of whether we are going any more… We just know we are. They were amazing as usual, even if they decided to go into the crowd and stand just 10 rows or so directly below us. Never close enough!

I turned 25 and I spent the day with friends doing an Escape Room (FYI we escaped), eating good food at Handmade Burger Co and then doing the usual Monday pub quiz. It was a good day all round, and I’m glad I spent it with the people I did.

Attended a fitness retreat in Spain! And it was the first trip that I’ve taken solo. Kind of. I did meet up with people in the airport, and there was a group of us on the fitness retreat, but I went out not knowing anyone and that’s a start. I’m hoping to travel solo sometime this summer, so this was a good little starter for me.

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Places Visited

Not many on the list from this first quarter, as I simply didn’t have anything planned besides going to Leeds for the blog event and going to Manchester to see The Script. I didn’t go anywhere else in the UK so that’s something to work on.

The main trip I undertook was of course to Spain. We spent most of our time near a little place called Torre Del Mar, but we did get out on a day trip to Granada. Such a beautiful city, and I loved getting to explore the area a little.

Reading / Watching

I’ve read five books over the past three months, which isn’t great but isn’t bad either I guess. My goal for the year is 52 and I’m currently a little behind on that. Two books have really stood out of the ones I’ve read, and I finished them both in March. Ready Player One and Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda. Both new films too, so I’m looking forward to watching those this month.

So far this year I’ve seen six new films in cinema. I’ve enjoyed them all to be honest, and it’s hard to pick out one that really stands above the rest. Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri was my first this year and it made me feel so many emotions. Shape of Water kind of weirded me out – but in a good way? I, Tonya was so funny, and I loved the way it was filmed. The Greatest Showman came out on Boxing Day, and my small cinema is still playing it in the first week of April, so that just says it all really. Black Panther was brilliant, and really brought something good to the (film) Marvel Universe. Peter Rabbit was light-hearted, funny and a little bit daft. I’ve seen a good mixture and I know that the next quarter promises even better films!

Happy Easter guys! How have your past few months been?

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