Exploring the Streets of Granada & Finding the Alhambra Viewpoint

20th March 2018 4 min read

Exploring the Streets of Granada & Finding the Alhambra Viewpoint

20th March 2018 4 min read

I’ve been to many Spanish towns and villages in my lifetime, thanks to all the summer holiday’s we’ve had in Spain as a family, but I’ve never really visited a big Spanish city. Well, unless you count driving through Malaga from the airport to wherever we were staying. There are a few that I have yet to tick off my list (like Barcelona!) but I now have Granada to add to the list of Spanish cities I have been to. We spent a day having a little walk around, exploring the streets of Granada and then visiting a few tapas bars. And I really enjoyed it.

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Winding Streets | awaywithkatie.com

Winding Streets of Granada

One of my favourite things about travelling to new places is the streets and Granada was no exception. I know that sounds odd, but old, cobbled and winding streets are my absolute favourites. The houses always look so cute and I adore all the random plants, flags and signs in random places. I also love that there is always history to be discovered and learnt.

We set off on a little walk through the streets and random little gardens, with the goal of getting up high and viewing the Alhambra from a certain viewpoint. I love a good walk, and especially in a totally new place. There’s always so much to see. I’m gonna let the photos do the talking for themselves…

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Buildings & People | awaywithkatie.com

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Statue | awaywithkatie.com

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Loose Tea Leaves | awaywithkatie.com

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Street View of Alhambra | awaywithkatie.com

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Tree View of Alhambra | awaywithkatie.com

The Alhambra Viewpoint

One of many I’m sure, but the one we visited. As we turned the corner of the last winding street, music and voices instantly filled the air. You could feel the atmosphere change, and you knew that this was something special. It was super crowded. There were dozens of people posing on the wall, taking group photographs, taking selfies, vlogging. All sorts. But who could blame them with the view in front?

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It didn’t feel like we’d climbed that much at all, but from this viewpoint you could see for miles. The Alhambra in plain view right ahead, mountains to the left, snowy mountains just a little bit further back, and a full view of the city to the right. It was amazing! Honestly this view just took my breath away. I think it helped that there were two guys playing music on acoustic guitars up there. Busking, but also creating a great atmosphere in the meantime.

We spent some time up there just enjoying the view and taking photographs. In all honesty, if I was alone I probably could have spent a good few hours there people watching. Loved it. It was here where I found the man selling prints of Granada and of course I had to pick one up. I’ve started a pretty collection of prints from different cities or towns, and this one adds to my ones from Venice, Paris and Split. I’m aiming to eventually be able to have a full ‘photo wall’ of prints from different cities I’ve visited from around the world. How amazing would that look? Favourite things to collect for sure.

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Views of Granada from the Top | awaywithkatie.com

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Garden Park | awaywithkatie.com

You can actually visit the Alhambra and tour the inside, but the waiting list is pretty long so it is much advised to try and book before you actually fly out to Granada. Though I believe you can buy a city pass that includes the Alhambra as well as various other places and bus tickets. We only spent one day in Granada, but if I were to spend the full week I would probably look into this pass as you can get into more places.

City View of Granada

And then we started the descent, heading back into the more built up area with bars. We journeyed down on the other side, this time getting views of the city rather than the greenery. Equally as amazing to see. It’s always strange for me as I forget that built up cities exist in other countries too – I just always picture Spain as being all chilled with beaches, palm trees and cute little buildings and pools dotted about. Obviously, that’s not the case.

We just touched the surface of Granada, and I think I’d love to revisit to explore the streets a little more. I’m glad though that we managed to see the views that we did, because if there’s anything to make you fall in love with a place, a pretty view certainly helps!

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Person Overlooking City | awaywithkatie.com

Exploring the Streets of Granada | Granada City View | awaywithkatie.com

Also to note, my review of the fitness retreat is on it’s way – expect it by the end of this week!

Which Spanish cities have you visited?

Exploring the Streets of Granada and Finding The Alhambra Viewpoint | Granada offers so much history, beautiful views and a buzzing city thanks to the university and local bars | awaywithkatie.com