Travelling Hand Luggage Only: Choosing Travel Entertainment

6th March 2018 4 min read

Travelling Hand Luggage Only: Choosing Travel Entertainment

6th March 2018 4 min read

Travelling Hand Luggage Only: Choosing Your Travel Entertainment

When you’re travelling with hand luggage only it can be difficult to find the balance of things that you actually need and things that are just taking up valuable space. That counts for your travel entertainment too.

As a family, we’ve always travelled with checked in luggage. With that comes (usually) 20kg of ‘stuff’ allowed, and as a result I pretty much just used to pack half my room in there. Not ideal. So when I first travelled with only 6kg allowance I was lost – where did all my clothes go?!

I could actually count the number of times I have travelled hand luggage only on one hand, and they’ve all been in the past year. That’s what happens when you start to go without family… No but seriously I think I actually prefer going away with less things, because in all honesty I still end up with unused clothing doing that! Usually because I forget to plan outfits and end up with items that don’t match anything – but I’m working on that one.

So taking the right amount of clothing is still not my forte however, over the past few flights that I have taken, I been able to narrow down the few things that I do need for entertainment – for the airport, on the flight and whilst on holiday. When travelling you sometimes need that downtime, and if you haven’t taken any sort of entertainment then your downtime will get boring real fast. Just saying.

Pile of books and a magazine

Reading Material

There’s not a trip I have taken without taking some form of book. With the huge luggage allowance I used to get, I would just pile all the books into my suitcase. And I’m talking like I’d have a different book for every day of my holiday. And I’d read them all.

I still do take plenty of books, but instead of taking bulky paperbacks I take my Kindle. Best invention ever for travelling. I have the Kindle 4, and I got it as a gift when it first came out around about 2011 or 2012. It’s not something I tend to use as an every day reader as I much prefer reading from actual books, but when I travel it is a lifesaver. I can carry as many books as I like without having the weight or space issues. If you travel a lot and also enjoy reading, I would highly recommend some form of e-reader. I like the Kindle 4 because it doesn’t have a backlight and isn’t fancy like all the newer ones, so it still seems pretty basic like a book and doesn’t hurt the eyes!

There’s also obviously the option of magazines and they of course take up a lot less space. I feel like a trip to an airport isn’t complete if you don’t buy a magazine – even with all our books, it’s something we always did as a family.

Something To Listen To

I always start off my flights reading, but there comes a point when you just need to put the book down.

This is when I’ll turn to some form of audio entertainment. And if you want to block the surrounding noise out, headphones do a pretty good job. You don’t get the in-flight films when travelling on a shorter flight, so it’s up to you to find your own entertainment. You could download a film onto your phone/laptop/tablet or whatever I guess, but that’s too much effort for me. I’d rather be able to sit and not have to concentrate so much when I need that little break.

Headphones placed on phone with podcast app showing


Obviously. I’m not really a big music fan, and I don’t really listen to it apart from when I’m in my car. But I know many people are pretty much constantly listening to music and well, it’s good to block everything out right?


Even if you’re not a big fan of reading, audio books could be a good option. I particularly like listening to non-fiction audio books, like memoirs, because I’ve struggled with any fiction book that isn’t Harry Potter in audio form if I’m honest – I lose concentration sometimes!


My current top choice. You can find a podcast for pretty much anything, and I have a good range in my app. I mostly listen to blog/social related ones as I find them really helpful and inspiring. Like I’m always full of ideas and plans after listening. I also have travel ones, crime-related ones, tv series discussions and fictional stories.

Good Old Pen & Paper

And when I’ve had enough of that – or whilst listening to one of the above – I’ll often turn to actually doing something useful. I tend to take a notebook or my planner away with me, just in case I get ideas or want to write things down. Especially useful to have as a blogger! Quite often I’ve started writing the outlines of posts from my trips when I’m just relaxing, or I’ll list the books I’ve read, the things I’ve tried.

I used to buy random puzzle books to complete and many holidays have been spent with myself and my family lying by the pool or sat on the balcony at night shouting across crossword clues to see if anyone had the answer. Nowadays I don’t really like having the extra thing to carry but I do have a Sudoku app on my phone that gets used a lot on my travels. Nothing beats a bit of brain training right? I do actually love things like this, and I think they’re underrated now we’ve got social media!

Planner, wordsearch puzzles and sudoku app

What entertainment do you travel with?

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