6 Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute

15th October 2017 4 min read

6 Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute

15th October 2017 4 min read

Everyone seems to be loving podcasts lately, and yep I’m still fully on this bandwagon. I’ve written before about my 5 reasons to listen to podcasts and those still stand true. You really can find a podcast for anything you’d like, no matter what the topic!

6 Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute | Self-help, blogger tips and life advice! | awaywithkatie.com

I’ve found that being able to drive has significantly decreased my reading time. I could make more time at home to read, oh of course, but it just never happens. Where does that time come from?! Podcasts sort of act as a compromise, and keep my brain working… I’m forever learning from them, whether that’s actual facts, or just something about life in general.

Over time I’ve gradually searched for and discovered more types of podcasts, and currently I’m very much on the self-help, blog help, advice and just life talk kind of theme. There are quite a few others that I’m subscribed to, as you can see in the photo above, but these below are the ones I keep reaching out for lately.

Life Advice & Blogger Podcasts

Happy Mum Happy Baby: I think I love everything Giovanna Fletcher does. She’s just so likeable and friendly, you can’t help but feel like you’re friends and just listening to a good old chat. These podcasts do focus on family and being a mum (and no, I am not a mum) but you get the experiences of various different people. Some of the topics covered throughout various guests have been body confidence, taking time for yourself, being a working mum and fertility treatment.

The One Girl Band: Short podcasts designed for female entrepreneurs and creatives… These podcasts cover a range of topics within this theme and are between 10-20 minutes so are perfect for listening to when you need a little time out, or have a short commute. Sometimes I just need a little burst of positivity and these do that. Ones I love especially include: making the most of your work week, you are worthy of investing in yourself, how to switch off and finding your ideal audience. Super helpful tips with a little mindfullness in there too!

What She Said: These are very much blogger based podcasts, and Lucy Sheref talks with other bloggers on a variety of topics. These are perfect for when you’re feeling a little down about your blog, or need motivation or tips with something in particular. There are quite a few podcasts on instagram. Information about stories, how to find your style and such. The how to make money podcast with Monica Stott on there was the first I listened to, and honestly it gave me such a huge help with where I want this blog here to go. So insightful!

Hashtag Authentic: Another blogger podcast with plenty of stories and useful information to share. Hashtag Authentic has a lot of interviews with others, and covers things like growing your audience, instagram tips, getting press coverage, what brands look for, managing self doubt and much more. This is my go to for when I’m driving home from work because my commute from Manchester generally takes around an hour, and this podcast has quite a few longer ones!

6 Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute // Harry Potter and the Sacred Text // awaywithkatie.com

Entertainment Podcasts

Game of Thrones AfterBuzz: This podcast is purely focused on the GoT TV shows, and they basically talk through each episode after it has happened, discussing events, discussing people and pretty much just trying to decipher everything. Now obviously GoT has finished for the year, and isn’t due for a good while, but this podcast is still going. Each week a different person has been talking about their own topic. Like some have included: the life of Petyr Baelish, most gut-wrenching moments, worst strategies. It’s great for when you just feel like you need a Game of Thrones top-up!

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: This is a really new find for me but it has been running for over a year now. Remember in English class at school when you’d read a text and look into every word and try to get some form of meaning from it all? Well yeah, that’s basically what Vanessa and Casper are doing with the Harry Potter books. It says in the podcast description that this podcast ‘creates time in your week to think about life’s big questions’. And it does, it really does.

I’ve listed to three so far, right from the beginning, and these focused on commitment, loneliness and then fear. There is a different theme for each week so I can’t wait for what is coming. There are religious undertones to these talks so you’d probably have to see how much that bothered you. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal and I’m not religious at all. The different interpretations are interesting to me. It’s just like a deep talk on life, but with the more light-hearted tone of being around the themes that Harry Potter covers. Each episode seems to be around 30 minutes.

Which Podcasts Do You Listen To?

There are so many lifestyle related podcasts (which I obviously love ^^) but something I struggle with is finding good entertainment ones. Podcasts that tell a story, be it real or fictional. Podcasts that talk about books, or TV shows in general. Podcasts that review films. There must be so many out there but it can be difficult to sift through everything to find that one you love.

I’d also love to find more travel related podcasts, as I feel like they could definitely be inspiring and motivating whilst I save up all my pennies! I haven’t yet found one that I really love and feel like I can relate to. It’s not quite the same when you can’t see all the places these people are talking about and maybe that’s why I struggle with the ones I’ve tried!

Let me know which ones you keep coming back to!

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