Take me back?


Last week I got two coloured films developed from my holiday to Turkey in July. It took me ages, yes, but I finally had it done! I’m pretty pleased with my photos, though I wish I’d taken more! I used two film cameras – my Canon EOS 300 with the 50mm 1.8 lens, and a cheap underwater 28mm camera – with no autofocus.

This was taken on a day trip. They are the ‘King Tombs’, and were built in 4. BC. These are family tombs and were part of tradition. I think it’s great! I’d love to be buried in a tomb in a mountain!


Also taken on the trip – just a view from the boat.

The mud bath! This was really awesome. It was weird because it was warm, and you did just float in it.

Taken at the Blue Lagoon – floating in the sea!

Also taken at the Blue Lagoon. Isn’t is beautiful!

Mega burger!

Oh this poor dog. No matter what time we would walk past it – morning or night – it would be here, chained up. It had a kennel, and it had food and water, but it was just constantly chained up. It seemed like it was never in the house, and I don’t know about walks. It was skinny, and just didn’t look happy.


And, here’s me! Taken by my brother xD


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