Life in January ’16

The first month of 2016 is finally at a close. Why does January feel like it lasts a lifetime?! Christmas feels like months ago. I like January because I start it feeling positive, and I’m personally a fan of resolutions and making a ‘new start’. Like, it isn’t really a new start, but rather a refresh and it reminds me to check myself, see where I’m at and where I want to head. But then January also just drags… Here’s what I did this month!

Life in January '16 Health |


I kicked off this year telling myself that I would attempt to avoid fizzy drinks unless I was at a restaurant – gotta give myself something right? Now I would usually have around 1 a day or at least every other day, and whilst I managed to get myself on pepsi max rather than any full sugar stuff, it still wasn’t good for me at all. I’ve caved a few times but I’m pretty sure I have only had fizzy pop on 5 separate occasions this month. That’s fairly impressive in my opinion. For me. May be a coincidence, but my skin has also been looking a lot better recently. I’m also happy because I’ve managed to keep up with #YogaCamp, swimming every Tuesday afternoon and have been to the gym at least once a week. Pretty good so far – come at me February!

Life in January '16 Organisation |


I sorted my 2016 Filofax set-up, and I’ve become obsessed again with watching planning videos and Facebook groups. Living the life eh? I’m really wanting to focus on my handwriting and lettering this year. I want to start creating those awesome prints with fancy quotes and drawings… But anyway, I’m ending January feeling a lot more organised and with a clearer idea of where I want to move next with my career and hobbies. I’ve been planning more and focusing more on ‘life’ in general.

Life in January '16 Highs/Lows |

Highs and Lows

To be honest, January didn’t start off too well did it? The most notable moments being David Bowie’s death and then Alan Rickman. Honestly, I was just in shock when this happened within days of each other. I loved the amount of Bowie songs that I heard along my travels, on the radio and at work, but of course it was tinged with sadness. I also watched Harry Potter a few times that week.

In good news, I passed my theory test! One step closer to getting that license. I’m feeling more relaxed in the car, yet also get really nervous when I’m in new areas. I know that’s normal but it just makes me feel on edge! Now it’s just a case of practising and fine-tuning all my driving to get me test ready.

Reading-wise, January has been pretty bad… I finished The Bane Chronicles, and whilst I loved most of the stories, it was definitely a slow read. It took me the first two weeks to get through that one. The I read Pretty Is and I finished it in a few days. Fast-paced and a really intriguing storyline – definitely recommend. I’m hoping February will be a little better, but the books on my TBR book shelf aren’t drawing me in. Maybe a trip to the library is needed? Stop me spending money anyway…

How was your January?