Life in February ’16

February is that weird month that occasionally decides it wants an extra day… Does it annoy anyone else that this February was almost a perfect month? Starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday? I usually post this update on the last day of the month, but I feel like rebelling against February and it’s leap year day. Well, anyway, I think February went pretty well this year. Things starting to look up a little bit…

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First up in February was my 23rd birthday! I didn’t do anything fancy – we went out for a meal and then to the rugby – but I had a lovely day. Birthdays just don’t feel as special when you get older… Now I just feel old. Doesn’t help when I’m having to ID people at work for 15 films, and their birth date is in 2000! Like, damn. But, I did get a little braver and decided to try out contact lenses. They’re strange, and I’m still not completely used to wearing them (why does everything look huge with them in?!) or how naked my face looks without glasses, but it’s getting easier.

One major thing that happened in February, and I’m sure you’re all sick of me mentioning it, but I had a piece of my writing officially published in a book. Spring is an anthology made up of written stories, poems and notes from a variety of people. Classic authors, poets, modern authors, nature writers and of course, people like me!

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I had my blog stats all noted down on excel but decided that I wanted to keep it in journal using the bullet journal style of note taking. I’ve started using it as a place to track my stats, post published, ideas and all things blog-related. I am going to do a post about it at some point in the next month! Reading started off well, but I haven’t done much since taking part in the #Rainbowthon. I’ve done better than January though… And I did actually leave the house this month! I went on my first trail run in a good while. I really enjoyed it and I’m hoping to get out there a lot more.

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Pancake day! Oh I do love a good pancake. I’ve been making a lot of american-style pancakes lately, so it was nice to do some ‘british-style’ pancakes crepes. In other foodie news – I’ve officially been a vegetarian for a year! Woo. It feels like that time has gone quickly, yet also like it has been ages. I don’t know for sure what the future holds, but right now, I can’t imagine ever eating meat again.

The last thing that I want to mention is photography. The other day I discovered this old notebook from my college days. It’s basically a little journal of my visit to Venice, with photos, notes and random tickets/receipts stuck in there. Reading through it, I was just taken straight back to being there in Venice. After writing this post on film photography I’ve been itching to get back into it. I’m going to get myself a little notebook (or maybe I should use one of the many I have…?) and start documenting my photography. Digital and film – I want to get both printed, stuck in and with notes around them. When I was studying at college, I’d hear about people doing this and always having something to look back on. I want that again. It’s not something that will get filled daily, or even weekly, but when inspiration hits I want to document that.

How was your February?


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