Hello Spring! Why I love this time of year.

In the past week, we’ve had a bit of a heatwave. And by that, I mean it has been over 18 degrees for more than half a day. It definitely feels like Spring has finally arrived after all that random snowy weather, and I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite parts about this time of year.

Hello Spring | awaywithkatie.com

The flowers start appearing

I love a good flower. They’re pretty, they make for good photographs and they smell nice too. At the moment, I’m really loving tulips! We’ve been doing a little gardening when the weather has been nice (note: not raining or freezing cold) and I was glad to see our strawberry plant perk up. The leaves and stem have lifted, and I expect we’ll have tasty strawberries in no time! I’d love to have a proper vegetable garden, but that takes more time, effort and space than I have right now haha!

The birds are singing

The birds are noisier, and whilst it’s kind of annoying in the early morning, I just love the sound of it. Hearing them singing or calling out to one another, hearing the little chicks screeching like mad when they’re parent arrives back with a worm or insect. There’s nothing better than hearing birds whilst the sun is shining. It’s also great to be able to sit at the train station and watch the birds fluttering between the trees whilst I wait for my train in the morning.

The days are longer

Now I think everyone can agree with this one. Spring time brings more daylight, and oh it just makes everything feel so much better. It’s really hard to feel motivated when you’re leaving home in the dark and returning from work in the dark. Longer days also mean more time to take blog photos. It means waking up is that little bit easier. It means you still feel like you have some day left when you get home from work after 7pm… Honestly, I don’t think I’d cope living in a country where they get very little sunlight during the dead of winter – I wouldn’t want to do anything!

It means summer is on it’s way!

Well, hopefully. We all know what the British Summer is like eh? I’m hoping the extra long wintry weather means we’ll get a better summer – probably not the case, but a girl can dream right? I just love and need the heat. That’s why I’d happily just move abroad… Lanzarote anyone? ;)


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