5 Ways To Procrastinate On All Things Important

14th May 2016 2 min read

5 Ways To Procrastinate On All Things Important

14th May 2016 2 min read

So I mean this isn’t really an advice post… More like, hey look I’m so bad at managing my time here’s all the time-wasting things I do and should fix immediately. But you know, let’s be realistic here. That’s not gonna happen any time soon.

5 Ways To Procrastinate On All Things Important | awaywithkatie.com

#1 Tidy Your Room

Why does tidying seem like a brilliant idea when you’re putting something off? Seriously though, I just get hit with a burst of energy and need to reorganise everything. Bin bags filled, everything tidy and then damn, that’s the day gone. Oh well.

#2 Play on The Sims

Easy way to lose 6 hours of your life at a time. I did this last week instead of writing blog posts. My sims house looks great though – never mind the fact they can’t afford the bills. Anyone else do that? Make a really fancy house, leave just a little money because you know, gotta be realistic here and then remember that the bills for such a big house with so many cool things inside will be sky high? Every time.

#3 Scroll through Social Media

This is my current bedtime/morning troubles. I’ll look through one, move onto the next and then the next… And repeat. Who needs sleep or time to get up and ready anyway?

#4 Get lost in a TV series or youtube videos

I’m terrible at keeping up with shows in real time. I’ve done really well with Game of Thrones this season so far, and have watched every episode on Monday (can’t be seeing no spoilers!) but with everything else I’ve failed. I’m two episodes behind Casualty and I need to watch them today otherwise I’ll be three behind! But yeah, I tend to just binge watch a load of shows at once so that’s like a day gone.

#5 Write/Read Blog Posts

Yeah, sometimes, I just really should be doing something else. And actually, I’ve been meaning to write this post all week and would you look at that, it’s Saturday and I’m writing it just before publishing. (Blame all the things above #5 on this list) Just call me procrastination queen. I’ve got a hair appointment at half 2 to fix my botched hair, and I’m currently sat in my pjs writing this with just over an hour until I go for my bus. I need to shower.


Yep, this pretty much sums up my life lately. Doesn’t help that I’ve been doing 6 day weeks because of my two jobs. Why did I think that would be a good idea eh? (I mean, my bank tells me, but still…) I feel like I need to make next week a really productive one. I keep meaning to schedule tweets and stuff, but that hasn’t happened for a good couple of weeks now… That’s got to be tonight’s plan!

What about you? Are you reading this instead of actually doing something important?


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