28 Thoughts Whilst Trail Running

On Monday I decided to go trail running for the first time in ages – almost a year in fact. It was an experience, and I honestly had so much fun. My lungs were burning, but the sun was shining, I could hear birds left, right and centre, and I got muddy. There’s something almost childlike about the joy of getting muddy during a run – you should try it some time! Here in England (and many other places, I’m sure) you never know what to expect with the weather. The terrain I encountered was such a mixture of dry, a bit damp, soft mud and then that shoe-stealing sticky mud.

As my second run of the year (first trail run!) this wasn’t an easy one. I had to stop a few times, and ended up covering just under 5k in around 35 minutes – not including the 10 minute break I took at the end of the trail before heading back haha! Here are 28 thoughts I had whilst out there in the wild:

28 Thoughts Whilst Trail Running

1. It’s actually quite warm outside. Maybe I didn’t need this woolly hat.
2. Why is everyone staring at me?
3. Oh wait my trainers have neon laces. Maybe that’s why? Could be the hat…
4. Okay this trail is way muddier than I thought it would be.
5. Oh bugger, my trainers are really muddy and wet now.
6. Back up, back up. I’ll run across the field instead.
7. There’s a guy over there. I hope he doesn’t follow me.
8. It’s really quiet out here.
9. I am still getting muddy.
10. Oh hey little Robin!
11. I love running through muddy puddles!
12. Dogs! They’re running right at me. Please stop.
13. No wait, please stop.
14. They stopped. I’m safe.
15. Oh, more mud.
16. And there’s the main road. You deserve a little breather.

28 Thoughts Whilst Trail Running

17. This next trail isn’t muddy!
19. Oooh look how pretty the sunlight looks.
19. I miss Spring.
20. I wonder how many birds are actually in here.
21. Okay, mud. Thanks nice person for creating a mini bridge.
22. Ah, I can see the end!
23. I did it. Phew. That was more tiring than I expected.

28 Thoughts Whilst Trail Running

24. Now to get back…
25. My feet are wet.
26. But I feel great.
27. Why did I ever stop?!
28. Oh yeah, Winter happened.


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