What’s in my Gym Bag?

10th March 2016 2 min read

What’s in my Gym Bag?

10th March 2016 2 min read

I don’t think I’ve ever done a ‘what’s in my bag’ post before, but I’m quite a nosy person and like reading these kinds of posts so I thought I’d share with you my necessities for heading to the gym! When I go to the gym, I like having a designated gym bag. It just means that some things can stay in there all the time so I’ll never be caught out without important bits!

What's in my Gym Bag? | awaywithkatie.com

Bag: At the moment, I am just using an Adidas backpack. It’s big, comfortable and fits everything in with no fuss.

Water bottle & Snacks: I’ll always have a Naked bar or something similar in there, and I’ve started to keep a tub of dates because I find them really good as a quick snack before and after my workout. I also have these Zero sports drink tablets; you add one to water and it creates a tasty drink. I haven’t actually used these recently, but they helped when I was going to the gym after a day of work!

Bobbles & Clips: Always necessary! Can’t workout with my hair flapping around my face. I end up with a big stash of bobbles in my bag, so I was surprised when I only pulled out these three. (One is an invisibobble!)

Earphones: Something that I don’t actually use all the time (I also occasionally take my wireless headphones) but they’re there if needed!

Padlock: My gym uses padlocks for the lockers, and you have to bring your own. This stays in my bag at all times so I’m never without it!

Clothing & Deodorant: Well this one is a given. Workout gear! In the summer I would just rock up already wearing my workout clothing, but at the moment it’s just too cold for that.

Well I thought this post would be more interesting haha – turns out, my gym bag is a very boring place.
Do you have any surprises in your gym bag?


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