5 Reasons to Blog

It’s about time that I started a new series on this blog, as it is currently lacking in one! If you know me, you’ll know that I like lists. I used to have notebooks full of to-do lists, books to read, films to watch, things to buy etc. I know I’m not alone in thinking that a list just looks pleasing to the eye, and of course they definitely help to get things done! For this new series, I’m going to share ‘5 reasons’ posts every so often. I haven’t decided on specific timing, but I’m thinking around 2 per month? Maybe less, maybe more. I guess it all depends on what comes to mind! There’s just so many things I could write about with this, and I like the idea of having many lists… So, without further ado, here’s the first one: 5 Reasons to Blog

5 reasons to blog


Okay, so I guess there’s got to be some limits (like you know, confessing to a murder or something…) but really, you can fill your blog with whatever content your heart so desires. There are so many different blogs already about: some focus primarily on reviews; some share delicious recipes; some write about their love for fashion; some share their make up tutorials; some post about sports. The possibilities are endless. If, like me, you have a few favourite things, write about all of them! There are no rules. If it makes you happy, go for it!


For the most part, the blogging community is wonderful. Of course, there are the occasional problems – drama happening on social media, people being accused of copying, people moaning about this and that – but I think that’s to be expected within any big group of people. Social media is a brilliant tool for connecting to other bloggers, with different twitter chats happening every day and facebook groups connecting bloggers who live in the same area for two examples. Twitter chats are always fun (when I remember about them!), with #bookbloggers and #lbloggers being my favourites. You can very easily find similar interests on there – you just need to get talking. Something that I need to remember…


I’ve been creating my own websites since Piczo was all the craze in highschool, (anyone else remember that?) and I’d also had a few Livejournal accounts before discovering Blogger and WordPress. Wayyy back when I was using Piczo at around 13, I discovered HTML and then it was just something that made my website look cooler than most of my friends’. (Sorry guys.) Now, being on WordPress, knowing HTML, CSS and how widgets and whatever else work is such a great skill to have. It means that you can tweak your blog whenever you get a little bored, and it can actually be helpful in life. (Well, depending on what you want to do as a career I guess!) There are plenty of tools online to help you learn these basics, and also to further that knowledge. A good place I discovered actually is Khan Academy – a little ‘young’ perhaps, but it has some great information on there!


Writing regularly helps you to improve your writing skill. That’s a given, right? Depending on what you blog about though, you can practise with different styles. You can write about a variety of different things – you can experiment, and there’s always the option of deleting something if you decide you don’t like it… One thing I always think about is personality. Does my writing really reflect me as a person? Do I have a ‘voice’ on here? I still don’t know, but I do know plenty of bloggers that I would recognise from their writing alone, and of course that only happened because they kept at it.

Photography – some say it’s what draws them to a blog, some say it doesn’t really matter. If it’s something you care about, regularly taking photos for your blog will only improve the skill. Remember that good lighting is key, and you’ll be fine.


Since starting blogging, I’ve gained a ton of confidence. There are times when I’m reading other blogs and thinking, “oh – am I really good enough?” but at the end of the day, the lovely comments and the followers all bring back my focus and contribute to that confidence. Knowing that there are some people (no matter how few!) following this little blog, commenting and saving posts, makes me happy. I also feel like my writing has improved over time, and I’ve spoken to many different people through other blogs and social media. I’ve spoken to different companies and I’ve asked questions that I would usually be too shy to even think about asking. I’m more aware of myself as a person – through blogging I’ve been able to try new things, find new hobbies and really got to know what I like. I didn’t share my blog on my social media websites for ages (and it still isn’t on my facebook!), but I’ve gotten used to knowing that some of my friends have been on my blog and read my stuff. There’s just something freeing about writing down what you think, and sharing it with other people.

Do you have any other big reasons?