4 Addictive Netflix Series to Binge Watch

29th March 2018 3 min read

4 Addictive Netflix Series to Binge Watch

29th March 2018 3 min read

Addictive Netflix Series to Binge Watch | awaywithkatie.com

Netflix Series Are The One

I go through phases of watching TV series like this kind of thing, but when I do, a Netflix series binge watch is how I do it. There are just so many different things to watch, so many genres and constantly new programmes to discover.

My usual go to is the documentary section, especially the fitness documentaries, however I decided to try find some good series to dig into. I’ve now had a good few weeks for watching new things, so these are the 4 Netflix series that I’ve been completely addicted to and have finished over the past month.

#1 Black Mirror

I started this series AGES ago, but I just always watched an episode here and there. It probably took me around 6 months just to watch the first two series. And then I finished the rest within a week. The thing is with Black Mirror, it really blags your mind. Like the scenarios in each episode seem so completely out there, yet it’s not hard to believe that it could happen either. And that’s scary!

#2 Queer Eye

My friends were talking about it one night, and so the next day I decided to give it a go. By the time we met up again a week later I’d watched all 8 episodes. So in love. You just cannot hate these guys.

This show gives ALL the feels. Seriously. I cried so many times. Each of the guys have their own ‘area’ what they work on with the guy needing help, and I really liked this. It’s a make over show with a difference because they don’t just give the person more confidence with their look, but they actually work on the inside too and talk about what’s keeping them in this rut. I just want them to come sort my life out too!

#3 Everything Sucks!

Looking for something to watch, this one popped up. Different to what I’d usually choose, but it sort of seemed to be like a Stranger Things style show, but set in the 90s and without the (real) aliens. And I kind of liked Stranger Things.

I finished all 10 episodes in two days. That for me is a definite binge watch. We follow a group of teenagers as they make their way through school, and I felt like it really portrayed the different relationships and problems that you may encounter really well. It was just funny, light-hearted and also had those emotional moments too. An easy watch is what I’d call it – just get past that first episode (not the best intro in my opinion) and soon enough you’ll be six episodes down without even realising.

#4 Girls Incarcerated

This one is a documentary based in a juvenile correctional facility in America. The girls all have their own problems and we get to see how they are progressing, whether they can get on the right track and all that. I just find it so interesting to watch stuff like this.

These girls definitely have their struggles. I think most of them show that they do have a good head on them, they just sometimes let things go the wrong way and in effect have to deal with consequences. Then again, there’s also some who just don’t seem to want to change. Definitely an interesting watch anyway!

What are you watching?

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