4 Must-See Fitness Documentaries on Netflix

So I’ve got to admit that I have actually cancelled my Netflix. For now. It’s almost Game of Thrones time and well, I needed Now TV for that. Can’t be wasting money on both! (I’m sure I’ll be back Netflix, don’t cry too much without me.)


The Barkley Marathons

The people who do this are CRAZY and watching it both inspires me yet horrifies me haha. The Barkley Marathons are strange. It’s an ultramarathon race with a distance of approximately 100 miles. You basically have to find your way around and collect a specific page from a book to prove you hit each checkpoint. Each lap is 20 miles and you change directions on laps 3 and 4. On the last lap, each runner has to alternate direction. So the first to start the last lap may go clockwise. The next person goes anti-clockwise, the next clockwise and so on. If there’s even that many to finish!

It’s just such a strange race and the documentary is great. I would recommend this one 100 times over.

Finding Traction

Another ultra race, though this time just focusing on one person. Nikki Kimball is attempting to become the fastest person in history to run the 273 mile Long Trail in America. We basically follow her journey right from the beginning, seeing the training and the record attempt. This documentary gives a real intimate insight into the struggles of pushing your body to the extremes. This is a raw documentary. It shows true spirit and I found it really inspiring. I won’t be doing an ultra any time soon but you know, never say never…

From Fat To Finish Line

Do you ever just watch random documentaries and cry with happiness for the people in it? This happens to me regularly… And From Fat To Finish Line definitely appeared in that category. This film focuses on 12 runners, spread throughout the US as they train towards running the 200 mile Ragnar Relay race as a team. I say runners, but they weren’t all runners before it. These people were all strangers, and their one thing in common was that they all wanted to lose around 100lbs. As they train and then complete the race together you see them become a family. Oh it was great. I cried many tears at this one!

Fittest on Earth 2015

Ever heard of CrossFit? That’s what this documentary focuses on, showing the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. This is a 5 day, 13 event test to find the fittest male and female. We follow some of the top athletes who qualified and competed, and it just shows some of the background to this kind of event. These tests look damn hard, and it kind of makes you want to try CrossFit yet stay far, far away at the same time. These people are super fit.

Have you got any favourites?


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4 Must-See Fitness Documentaries on Netflix // Life of Kitty