One Last Push For This Years Goals

It’s that time of year when you suddenly think about goals, and all those promises you made at the beginning of the year. I saw a few goals update posts last month that reminded me to take a look at mine to see what I’d achieved. I looked, I quickly pressed the little x in the top right corner. No, I’ve completed quite a few of my 2016 Goals actually, but still plenty to go…

One Last Push For This Years Goals |

That said, I’m sort of starting afresh with these. A lot has changed over the year and I feel like I want different things right now. Not completely different, but different enough to want to change them.

Goals Completed So Far in 2016

So what have I done this year? I passed my theory test. I passed my driving test. Got a job in a media-based role. Ran another 10k. Increased my social following. And overall, I feel like I’m in a much better place, even with all the horrendous things that have happened to our country and the world in 2016.

Looking at that, I know I’ve had a pretty good year. I’ve achieved some really big things and that’s something I’m proud of. The other goals that are ‘still in progress’ will be scrapped, more so because I know they aren’t really achievable any more. Don’t get me wrong, I want to challenge myself, but my priorities have just changed.

One Last Push For This Years Goals |

Final Goals for 2016

I haven’t put a lot of thought into creating myself new goals – who’s got time for that with a month to go? These are things that I didn’t have to think about, they were already at the front of my mind. Writing them down is just easier and gives me more to think about!

Take part in Blogmas

This is the biggest goal and one that needs a lot of preparation and good time keeping… But I feel like I need this challenge within blogging at the moment. You may have noticed that my posts have been quite irregular over the past month and to put it simply I just couldn’t get my ideas from my head to the paper (or screen).

It’s all planned out (with room to change things if necessary) so now it’s just a case of gathering everything together and getting things scheduled! I really hope I can keep to this.

Increase Social Media Following

Well I’ve already beat my original goal of 750 Twitter followers and 400 Instagram followers, with currently 850+ and 520+ respectively. I’d like to get my twitter up to 1k and instagram up to 600, but i’m not going to be crying if it doesn’t happen within the year! Like I honestly doubt it’s going to happen with my twitter but you know, what’s a goal if it isn’t a little difficult eh?

Make a Bigger Dent in my Goodreads Challenge

I’m so far behind on this challenge, it’s unreal. This year has been my worst year for reading in over 5 years (according to Goodreads!) I’m 14 books behind on the challenge, and that’s after decreasing my challenge from 75 to 52! So yeah, basically I’m not expecting to hit the 52, but I would like to at least get to 40 I think.

Keep Doing Park Run

This is a difficult one to give a number for anyway due to work, but I want to be at my local Park Run every Saturday morning that I’m not working. I really love doing it because the group just feels like a proper community, and also I want to eventually get to 50 and then 100 park runs so I can get one of those cool technical tops…

Do you have any goals that you want to get done before the end of the year?


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