Currently Loving #6

Anyone else here hating the cold? Everything outside is still pretty and full of Autumn colours, but I feel like the weather has just skipped the Autumn memo and gone straight to Winter. If you know me in person, you’ll know that I’m not good with the cold. I’ve been sleeping in joggers, tops socks, my 15 tog duvet and I’m still cold when I wake up! Anyway, some of my favourites at the moment:

Currently Loving #6

Woolly Hats & Fluffy Socks

The one thing I do like about the cold is that I can stick a woolly hat on when I nip out with needs-washing just-woke-up hair. Plus they’re cute. And fluffy socks – you just can’t go wrong there. I actually bought some new ones last week for the first time in forever. They’re cosy.

Hot Chocolate

I’ve been loving the Costa Mint Hot Chocolate recently, but any hot chocolate will do! It keeps you warm, it gives you the chocolate fix that you need and it always feels like a treat. The Wispa Gold one is also a firm favourite.


The Yankee Home Candycane Forest is my current favourite. I need to buy myself one of the big jars because this votive isn’t going to last very long. Also anything with a bit of cinnamon spice at this time of year is fab. I’ve still got wax tarts from last Christmas so they’ll be coming out very soon!

Currently Loving #6

Ahiflower Omega 3*

A little bit different here, but I was recently sent these Ahiflower Omega 3 supplements. As a vegetarian, Omega 3 is something I’ve never looked at supplementing because everything is usually fish based. This one is Vegan and delivers essential omega 3, 6 and 9. It’s supposed to help with mobility and joints, cardiovascular health and improve cognition and brain health.

I’ve been taking them daily (for the most part) for a week and a bit now, and I can’t say for sure whether anything has physically changed with my body (i’m not a doctor or nutritionist after all!) but I have felt better. Not quite so tired and also happier. Coincidence or from the supplement? I don’t know, but I’m gonna keep on taking them when I remember!

Currently Loving #6


Okay so this is a new re-discovery. I’ve done a couple of runs now in the freezing cold and my lips are letting me know about it. Stupidly I didn’t put any protection on them and the result is them being super chapped. I put out a question on twitter and Vaseline was mentioned… I forgot it existed! Over the past couple of days it’s definitely helped my lips out. Now I just need to remember to put it on before I run.

LUSH products

I’ve never been a big fan of mint, besides chewing gum. Lately I’m just loving it. Mint Julips tastes so good, and it’s especially good at this time of year to sort my horribly dry lips out. I also bought Ocean Salt last week and the lime in the ingredients makes it smell amazing. It’s helping the dryness and makes my skin feel soft afterwards!

Frizz Ease*

The cold and wet weather is really getting to my hair at the moment. No matter how straight it is when I leave the house, when I arrive at work it’s wavy, frizzy and looks like I haven’t even done anything to it. I’ve been testing the John Frieda Frizz Ease Shampoo, Conditioner and Pre-Wash Treatment. The shampoo/conditioner has been working well so far. It definitely feels smoother, though I can’t say it has cured the humidity problem completely.

The treatment is something I’ve never seen before – it’s a cream that you put on dry hair, and leave on for 10 minutes to work it’s magic before shampooing and conditioning. It says it will last for 10 days (5 washes) and keep your hair frizz free. It has worked – my hair hasn’t puffed up and gone weirdly wavy after a long day at work and commuting to Manchester and back. Will it last 10 days? I’ll keep you updated on my twitter… I don’t actually wash my hair every two days like the product assumes so maybe it’ll last longer eh?

What are your current favourites?


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*Items in this post have been sent by companies to include and review, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. I would not include items that I would not buy or use personally.


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