I Passed My Driving Test!

If you follow me on twitter you’ll have probably seen the news, but yep, I passed my driving test! This was my second test, and I figured I’d just talk about nerves, driving and how my whole experience went.

I Passed My Driving Test | awaywithkatie.com

The First Test

I took this on the 22nd July, and I was SO nervous. My instructor was lovely, and he really helped to calm me a little on the day, but obviously he can only do so much to reassure me. The examiner I had was very robotic. He just didn’t seem friendly, and that didn’t help. I know it’s a test and all, but they could at least try to make it feel less formal right?! First I had the directions given, had to pull over a few times and set off again, did my manoeuvre and then the 10 minutes of independent driving.

I failed within the first 10 minutes, and I knew I’d failed straight away. He used the brakes. Yep. I think I was just too nervous, and I was surprised to hear him tell me to turn right instead of the left I usually did in that area. I tried to just go, forgetting all about priority and the car opposite us. I carried on the test though, and managed to get through the rest perfectly fine with only 2 minors. Annoying. I think the worst thing about failing your driving test is knowing that you can do it – you’ve been driving perfectly well on lessons and you know what to do. You just panicked on the day.

Well, I tried to book again pretty quickly, and the next test available was the 18th November. Yep. That far away. I watched and watched for cancellations, and managed to get the test down to the 21st September.

The Second Test

I wasn’t as nervous as I was the first time, but I was still so worried. I had a woman examiner this time, and immediately she put me at ease. Super friendly, and although she was talking in a bit of a patronising way, at least she wasn’t a robot! The route was one with roads I’m really familiar with – just from my parents driving around – so I felt comfortable. The manoeuvre was parallel parking, one I’m usually fine with! I’d aced it just half an hour previously! I managed to get it done, but it wasn’t great ha. Got a minor for ‘losing control’, but I just accidentally hit the curb.

We started this test with the independent driving, so I think I actually felt more comfortable because I knew I was in control. Like, I’d been told which sign/place to follow but it meant the turns weren’t as unexpected. Once that was over I was given directions and then had to do my manoeuvre and more directions before heading back to the test centre. I wasn’t sure whether I’d passed or not – I thought I probably had, but then I also knew I’d gotten quite a few minors because she kept writing things down! But it was all good, I passed with 9 minors. I’m still annoyed at myself because in my first test I only got 2. The dangerous fault ruined that obviously, but still! Anyway, I’m glad it’s over and done with now.

Driving alone

Weird! It definitely felt odd to be in the car alone for the first time, but I also liked it. I had my Mcfly CD on and I could sing along without a care in the world… Yep. Don’t be fooled though, the car is my mums… I’m still saving up for my own haha! I am so grateful that my mum has put me on her insurance so I can get around, even if she does have seat covers with dolphins on them. So uncool. (Sorry mum!) But I can deal with the dolphins for now…

I Passed My Driving Test | awaywithkatie.com

I can drive. I have freeeeedom!


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