Life in March ’16

Life in March '16 |

What happened in March?

Well March started off with a bit of snow… So much for Spring eh? Thankfully that only lasted a day – if that – and although it has still been bloody cold, we’ve had a bit of sun and flowers to cheer us up. My second week of March was spent in Lanzarote. It was nice to get away, get a few days of sunshine and be able to explore a new place.

Coming back, I’ve spent a lot more time planning things for my blog, doing a bit of writing and attempting to get more reading in. It has been going pretty well so far, and I’ve got a few ideas coming for the blog in the next few weeks! I’m really wanting to get myself ahead and better with scheduling. It’ll be necessary after the 5th April!

The biggest news I have this month is that I have a new job! I went to a couple of interviews in Manchester this month, and the second was for a job that really appealed to me in the description. I was so happy when I received the call that I’d got it – so say hello to a new Web Content Assistant! It’s 2 days a week at the moment, but it means I can take that first step into the professional side of this sector as well as keeping my job at Cineworld to get my hours up. It’s going to mean a lot of good organisation and scheduling with the blog, so if I do become a little quiet, it’s because I haven’t organised myself well enough haha! I’m actually in work for 11 days on the run now – and I haven’t even had my rota for 8th onwards yet. Fun stuff. I already feel tired thinking about it!

And finally – Easter. It’s half-term at the moment, so work has been super busy. Couple that with the release of Batman vs Superman and well, it’s a nightmare. Plenty of chocolate to be eaten though! I did say I’d re-start BBG last week, but I’ve just had so much to do that it didn’t happen. That will happen on the 4th April, and I’m hoping to write about that on here to keep me motivated. My diet has also been terrible, and I’m just not eating enough proper meals. I’m all about bad snacking at the moment and after doing so well in the first two months of the year, a week of drinking fizzy pop in Lanzarote has put me back a few steps – it isn’t feeling so easy to avoid right now! And once I’ve eaten my Easter eggs, I’m attempting to cut down on my chocolate to a couple of bars a week instead of one a day… Hopefully in my next ‘Life in’ I’ll be able to tell you I cut down my chocolate and fizzy pop!

That’s pretty much it for this month really. I’m starting to feel a bit run down and I don’t know if I’m getting ill, or whether it’s because of the busy half-term period. I’m hoping the latter! Saying that, it could also be because my diet has been terrible and I’ve had so much chocolate and pop… My skin is definitely letting me know I’m being naughty. Hopefully the coming month will be a little better health-wise!

I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of the way into the year! How was your March?