How to Track Your Blog Traffic from Instagram

During a twitter chat the other day, I noticed a lot of people saying that they really didn’t get many views from Instagram. Now honestly, neither do I. Since setting up this tracking method, I’ve had 6 people come to my blog through it – that’s in a couple of weeks. I don’t really advertise my blog posts on instagram much any more though, so I’m not really directing people there. However, it made me wonder if this was really a lack of Instagram click-throughs or whether it was just the way it’s tracked.

On to the point – when someone clicks that link in your bio in instagram, it doesn’t show up on Google Analytics as Instagram. (Like it does with Twitter and Facebook!) You may have noticed that clicking on a link opens up your browser? Well this means that Google Analytics tracks this as a direct referral. Annoying, right? You could be getting a lot of views from Instagram that you just don’t realise, and luckily there’s something you can do about that.

InstagramLanding Page

Creating an Instagram Landing Page

When looking this up, I discovered the idea of creating an Instagram landing page. Now basically, all you need to do is create a new page on your blog, and paste this URL in your instagram bio. If you look on my instagram, you’ll notice that my URL ends in /instagram. This page acts as a welcome page. I’ve put a few buttons on there so people can click through to a topic they’re interested in, but they can obviously just go to the homepage and read the blog that way. I haven’t put this link in any of the menus on my blog, so people should only be able to click to it from Instagram – unless they just type it in of course…

Viewing Landing Page Views on Google Analytics

To check up on this page all you need to do is go to Behaviour >> Site Content >> Landing Pages on your Google Analytics account. Once there, type Instagram into the search box, and it’ll appear with the stats. Easy right? It’s a simple change, but it’s a helpful one if you do want to track your clicks from Instagram. I think I’m gonna point my followers to the link a little more and see what difference it makes to views.

As I said in the beginning though, I don’t really use Instagram as a main marketing tool. I feel like it’s just an extension of my blog with pretty photos and my feelings/thoughts of the day written down. More of a diary if you wish! I’d love to know if you’ve tried this out!

Have you figured out another way to track readers coming from Instagram?