2016 Goals Update

We’re getting closer to the half way point of 2016 and the other week I remembered that I actually set myself some goals. Yeah, that should tell you how those are going… At a first glance it felt like I’d done terribly thus far, but on reflection it’s really not that bad.

2016 Goals Update | awaywithkatie.com

Completed Goals

+ Pass my theory test +
+ Be working in a media-based role by the end of 2016 +

Failed Goals

+ Practise yoga at least twice a week +
+ Go to the gym or do another exercise (besides yoga!) at least twice a week +
+ Pick up my wildlife photography again: publish a blog post on website quarterly, at least +
+ Avoid all fizzy drinks, unless at a restaurant +

Still in Progress/Possible

+ Pass my driving test +
+ Open a savings account +
+ Sign myself up for an online course +
+ Improve my lifting: main goal is to hit a 60kg squat +
+ Increase followers across social media: Twitter to 750 and Instagram to 400 are main goals +
+ Complete my Goodreads goal: 75 books +
+ Run another 10k race +

2016 Goals Update | awaywithkatie.com 2016 Goals Update | awaywithkatie.com 2016 Goals Update | awaywithkatie.com

So yeah, the two I have completed are admittedly pretty big goals. I passed my theory test first time, and I have my driving test booked for the summer. Even if I fail my actual test first time (hopefully not, like) it will be done this year. So that one is definitely still possible. Be working in a media-based role? Yep, I think I can tick that off, seeing as I’m working part time as a Web Content Assistant. Full time is the goal now.

The failed ones? Yep, I failed epically with these.
+ Yoga happened for January when I did Adriene’s 30 day challenge, then it just stopped.
+ Going to the gym or swimming twice a week was going well right up until the past month and a half. I can count how many times I’ve been on one hand during that time.
+ I also did pretty well on avoiding fizzy drinks, right up until I went on holiday in March. We were all inclusive, so I had a lot of fizzy drink that week. It just set me back completely. I still don’t drink it any where near as often as I did before this year, but it still needs cutting down.
+ Wildlife photography? Yep, another big fail. I actually took photos yesterday of caterpillars in my garden. First time this year.

The goals still in progress or still possible?
+ Driving test, as mentioned above.
+ Now I’m working full time between my two jobs, I’ve started the process of changing banks to get away from my student one and the safety net of having an overdraft available. The savings account will follow.
+ I still want to sign myself up to an online course, it’s just costs at the moment. Maybe later in the year?
+ Improve my lifting and run a 10k race – still very possible. I’m gonna sign myself up for the Wigan 10k and well, the lifting will come. I’m really tempted to get myself a personal trainer for a little bit, see how that goes. All depends on work and money later in the year of course.
+ Goodreads goal – I’m currently 13 books behind on it. Still possible, nevertheless.
+ Increase my followers across social media – doing well! I’m actually on 660 on twitter and 380 on instagram, so I think I need to raise my goals!

There’s a lot that I haven’t done, but I’ve actually completed big things and am well on the way to completing some more. When I first looked back at my goals, I felt so discouraged but after really sitting down to think about them, I’ve realised I’m doing okay! Some people hate making goals, but I like having something to work towards. There are some that I would be upset about not completing by the end of the year, but others I’m not as bothered about. Taking time to reflect, I’ve realised that the ones I really want are either done, or well on their way to being done. It’s all good!

How are your goals going?


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