My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription

“Is it true that you are a cat lover like us?” is one question that I didn’t even have to think about before answering ‘YES!’ I mean, just the name of my blog says something, right? Anyway, obviously I jumped at the chance to try the Purrfect Giftbox* – and they kindly sent me both the April and May ones!

My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription |

“The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard cats”

JD taking full advantage of the box… I’d like to add that I didn’t actually place him in here. I mean I did, originally, but he wouldn’t stay in. 10 minutes later I come back and he’s nice and relaxed! Typical eh?

Now this isn’t just any old cat subscription box. It is primarily aimed at us humans, filled with cat-themed gifts and treats. If you love your cats as much as you love yourself, you can upgrade and get added cat treats. Win-win! I definitely feel less guilty getting a subscription box when I know it’s not just for me. The website states that you may get jewellery, fashion accessories, artwork, clothing, mugs, home decor and more. For the cats, you may get toys, treats, food and fashion accessories. There’s just such a variety mentioned, and that is definitely reflected in the boxes that I got.

April Purrfect Giftbox

My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription |

Firstly, I cannot get enough of that print. Oh it’s amazing! Might just be my favourite print ever, and you can find the artist/illustrator here. So also in this box I received some notecards by Valerie Hart, a cat temporary tattoo by Siideways, cat shaped plantable seeded papers by recycled ideas and a cat umbrella! Now, honestly I’m not sure the temporary tattoo will get used – though it is super cute – but everything here is either useful or just damn cute. I love the seeded papers, and they’ll definitely be planted as soon as I’ve got a proper day off! The print is on my shelf, and the umbrella has already been used (thanks rainy Spring).

My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription |

What did the cats get? FreakMEOWt Catnip Fish… I haven’t given this to them yet, but Charlie sniffed it out and went crazy whilst it was still in the packaging! Then there’s the 100% natural treats from Green & Wilds and this little toy thingy. It has feathers and jingles. JD was impressed. Or threatened. Not sure which. He loved the toy, but Charlie’s too cool for that sort of thing.

May Purrfect Giftbox

My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription |

If April had a bright theme, then this one certainly is a classy one. In the May box I received the cutest new purse. Now I’m not a pink person, but this colour is really muted, feels lovely and the cat stitching is adorable. I moved in straight away! Adding with the fashion theme, we’ve got the cat-print scarf which has gold foil cats on it. A big scarf, you could definitely wear it many ways. Then we have some fabric buttons from The Hey Day Shop, a chocolate bar from Quirky Library and this cat shaped necklace filled with flowers. Everything is pretty and the chocolate tastes great too.

My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription |

In the cat selection we have a bit of a change in theme – a very bright and spotty fleece blanket from Tilly Pops , a purple collar from Lovely Luna Crafts, made especially for the box, and some Pet Munchies, 100% Natural treats. Charlie definitely approved of the blanket…

My Purrfect Giftbox Subscription |

Now the April box added up to around £50 worth of items in the standard edition, with the cat treats add on coming to around £10. The standard Purrfect Giftbox (with added cat treats) comes in at £27.95. That’s a massive saving of over £30. The items in the May box were a little more difficult to find prices of, but you can see that the quality is brilliant.

There are giftboxes to suit all budgets though, so you don’t have to be paying right at the top to get this sort of surprise. The Standard box comes in at £20.95. With the cat treats, that box is £27.95 and is what you see above.

There is a Lite box option, coming in at £15.95. This includes 2-3 full sized items. For example, in the April box the notecards and tattoo are not included in the Lite box – but everything else is. In the May box, the buttons and the necklace are not included in the Lite box. It’s a good deal because you’re still getting the bigger gifts, whereas some boxes give you the smaller things in the Lite option. The Lite box with cat treats is £22.95.

You can also buy some of the items from previous boxes in the shop on their website, as well as previous boxes. One time purchases do cost a little more though! The founders Kim and Juan actually run their own boarding cattery and each month will focus on a different cat charity, with 5% of all proceeds from the boxes going to the chosen one.

I think these boxes are worth it. As far as I’m aware, they are the first box completed dedicated to cat-lovers, and well, who wouldn’t want cat related gifts eh? As my readers, you can use the code KATIE20 to get 20% off your first box. And hey, their June box has just been released!



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