Fitness Update: Week #1

It’s time, I’m getting back into the Kayla Itsines BBG workout. Last time I tried I made it to 7 weeks and I noticed a difference so this time I’m aiming to complete it. What better way to stay on track than to document it on here eh? I’m thinking about doing this update weekly, but I may do it monthly. We’ll see next week. I do like the idea of having a week by week summary so I can look back and see the changes in my fitness.

fitness update

If you don’t know what BBG is or who Kayla Itsines is, where have you been? Okay, it seems like a really faddy workout at a first glance – bikini body anyone? – but it really does work. You only need to search #BBGCommunity on instagram to see that. As I said above, I noticed a difference in myself. It wasn’t a huge difference, but my stomach definitely lost some body fat there. This shows my 4 week difference , and that’s with a crappy diet and not doing LISS in between the HIIT workouts! When I started I was doing 5 push ups at a time, on my knees. By the 7 week mark I could do 15 full push ups. It’s been a good few months since I last did push ups so I’m back where I started, but you know, I know that I can work at it and improve again. Basically the workouts consist of two circuits. Each circuit has 4 exercises in it, and you do as many of those as you can in 7 minutes per circuit and then repeat. So it should come to 28 minutes overall.

So, week 1. How have I done?
Well to start with, I took my progress photos. I was pleasantly surprised because although my body isn’t where I’d like it to be, I’m in better shape than I was when I originally started it earlier this year. My fitness isn’t too great at the moment but I’m sure that’ll soon change. The thing is, my body seems to have very good muscle memory. If that’s even a thing. I can pick up near enough where I left off pretty quickly.

That’s not to say I didn’t find this week difficult to do. I did, and I’m still feeling it.

imageWeek 1 Legs & Cardio: First one of the week, it was sunny outside and I worked out with George and JD exploring around me. This one was tiring, but I felt pretty good. I managed to do one and a half of each set of exercises within the 7 minutes first time around, then once for the second time round.

Week 1 Arms & Abs: Killer. Absolute killer. There’s nothing I hate more than training arms, seriously. They’re still hurting every time I lift them, and I also can’t reach over my head without my abs feeling like they’re being torn apart! I gave up timing this one, and just did each exercise in the circuit once per round. The push ups and lay down push ups almost killed me off. Did this in the gym, and the left is how I felt afterwards.

Week 1 Full Body: Difficult, but mainly because I was aching so much still from the arms/abs workout. I enjoy most of the exercises to be honest and there’s a good mixture in the full body day. I didn’t time these either though because I was so slow from being sore haha! Doesn’t help with working 6 day weeks and not getting much time to rest. Excuses, excuses – I know.

So, I completed the first week. It was tough, but it was done. Next week’s goal is to stick to the timer!


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