Fitness Update: Week #2

I’ve started up a new fitness routine, and I’m going to keep you guys updated partly so I can hopefully spread some motivation, but partly because it means I’ve told people I’m doing it and I’ll feel rubbish for pulling out! Need some tough motivation haha.

fitness update

Past weeks: 1

This week I struggled to fit the exercises in. The main plan has Mon/Weds/Fri as the workout days, which is a good set up really. With work, I’m always on a 10-6 on Weds/Thurs and then the other days change weekly. Now on Weds/Thurs I leave at 8:20am and get in after 7pm that night and the last thing I want to do is this tough exercise! I did my Monday, had a rest Tues, Weds and Thurs, realised I was working 9-5 on Friday and so have done the latter two workouts on Sat/Sun. It worked, sort of but I think this is gonna have to be played by ear each week. Or I could suck it up and try to get one done on the Weds/Thurs so I don’t have to do two days on the run!

Week 2. How did I do? I feel like it went a lot better than the first week actually.

imageWeek 2 Legs & Cardio: On the first circuit I did all 4 exercises and then the first 3 in the 7 minutes. On the second I did the 4 exercises and then 2 again in the 7 minutes. On the next round of each circuit, I only managed each exercise once. Tiring, but not too bad.

Week 2 Arms & Abs: Same as last week. Killer. That photo on the left? That’s me trying and failing to keep my arms from shaking to take a photo! On the first circuit, I did the 4 exercises and then the top 2 again but only managed the 4 exercises on the second circuit. On the second round I only managed each circuit once, and was literally finishing within seconds of the timer going off. It was tough. And then I did a 6 hour ice cream shift at work – let me tell you, making 6 milkshakes (with at least 3 scoops in each!) on the run is not easy when your arms are already tired!

Week 2 Full Body: Right okay, here’s where I fail a little. I got a text this morning asking if I wanted to go to a craft fair. Obviously, I said yes. With just over half an hour, I figured I’d better at least get a bit of a workout in. I wouldn’t have much time before working in the evening, and I’d only get home at midnight. So I did each circuit once, instead of doing 2 rounds. BUT, it was still tough, and I was dying on the floor doing these lay down push ups and then the commandos at the end! I made an attempt, so I’m not kicking myself too much. I could have just done nothing after all!

The sunny weather makes this a lot easier – I love working out in the garden and feeling the sunshine. What about you?


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