3 Ways To Drink More Water

19th May 2016 3 min read

3 Ways To Drink More Water

19th May 2016 3 min read

Water is such an important part of our diets, and honestly it amazes me when people say they just don’t drink it. You do get it from other parts of a regular diet, but it just seems silly to not actively try to drink water when it does so much for us.!

3 Ways To Drink More Water | awaywithkatie.com

I saw someone say recently that they’d been drinking more water recently and was surprised at the effect it had on their skin – it helps, it really does! I know when I’ve been drinking too many sugary drinks and not enough water because I start breaking out. It also keeps bloating at bay, keeps our body and brain awake, helps to flush out waste, helps your muscles and more. Why wouldn’t you drink it?

#1 Create Flavours

Most people seem to say ‘but I hate the taste of water’ when faced with the fact that they should in fact be drinking it regularly. Once you start drinking it more, you get used to the taste (or lack of, really). I can understand not liking tap water in some places – if you aren’t gifted with the luck of soft water (thank you north west) then it can taste pretty nasty. I’ve tried the water in a London hotel – it just wasn’t drinkable. That’s what filter jugs are for! But anyway, you can spice up the taste by just adding a few flavours. And no, I don’t mean to add spices… Try cutting up some fruits and leaving them in for a while. Cucumber or mint is great for a really refreshing drink. Also, having tea counts as drinking water as long as it is plain tea – be that regular, fruit or green – without any added sugars. Last summer I made up a big jug of water, stuck in some frozen strawberries and left it in the fridge… Simple way to have tasty flavoured water within reach!

#2 Carry A Bottle EVERYWHERE

If you have a bottle with you, odds are you’ll be drinking out of it. Maybe it’s just me, but I get bored and I just take a sip of water to do something. It works. I’ve been without a water bottle for a couple of days, and I’ve immediately noticed the difference – I’ve hardly had any! It seems like less effort to have a bottle ready rather than continuously filling up a cup because it lasts longer.

#3 Use a motivator

If you like to tick things off, a tracker may be for you. I used a tracker to tick off any day that I didn’t drink fizzy pop (meaning I’d be on more water) and that worked for a while but I just forgot to keep it up. Plant Nanny is an app that recently got really popular on Twitter lately. Everyone seemed to have it. I had it a while ago, and then reinstalled when everyone was going on about it. This was easier to keep up – you start to feel guilty for letting your plant go thirsty! There are plenty of tracking apps to download, so if you’re struggling then maybe this would help!

I know these things seem a bit like just using your common sense but sometimes we all need a little reminder – it’s something I’m really working on lately!


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