My Experience With Contact Lenses

16th May 2016 4 min read

My Experience With Contact Lenses

16th May 2016 4 min read

A couple of months ago I took that scary first step into the world of contact lenses. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was around 14, and my eyes have consistently gotten worse each time I’ve had a test so I figured it was time to take the leap. I’ve never really hated wearing glasses, but they do sometimes make me feel self concious. Just can’t help it! So obviously, I’m going to mention eyes here. If you’re highly squeamish, this is your warning. -It’s also going to be quite a wordy one!

My Experience with Contact Lenses

When I booked my initial meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m with Specsavers for my glasses, so I stayed with them of course. The lady I had was really helpful and patient. She had a look at my eyes first, then double checked my prescription from my notes and just popped them right in. Okay, so it wasn’t as easy as that. As it was my first time, she put the contact lenses in for me and I’m pretty sure this happens with everyone no matter where you go. The first one wasn’t too bad, but on the second my eye just kept blinking and it took a few goes. That first few moments of having the contact lenses in was so weird. So, so weird. It was strange being able to see without my glasses! They have to be tested in your eyes to check the shape and fit. I didn’t actually realise they would do this, so I wasn’t as nervous as I would have been!

Once that was done, the lady booked me another appointment and I was on my way – sans contact lenses. The next appointment was one to show me how to put them in myself and take them out. I had someone different this time, and she was also super friendly and helpful. She sat me down and told me exactly how to put them in and then I was off.

I actually didn’t have much problem getting them in. I won’t say it was easy, but it was okay. Only took a couple of goes. Getting them out on the other hand? Well, I was first showed the method that most people used. Let me tell you, pinching your eyeball to grab a flimsy piece of material is terrifying. I couldn’t press down hard enough to grab it. So we tried another method, and I can’t for the life of me remember what this was. Anyway, it didn’t work. At this point I was worrying that I wouldn’t get it out and they’d have to step in and that’d be contacts out of the question. The lady was so patient though, and definitely kept me calm. The third method was to bring the contact over to the side of the eye because it was easier to grab out there. It worked! I managed to get it out. We repeated this a few times so she could see me getting them in and out properly before leaving me to it. Once done, I stepped out into the street wearing a pair for the first time. Well, that was weird. With contacts in, everything seems so much bigger.

Contact Lenses

These are the packs I have – and yes, I really am that blind – and there’s a helpful little book in case you forget how to get your lenses out. I had a trial first, so I didn’t quite get this pack, but one specifically made to give out for free (it said so on the box ;) ha!) For this I had 5 pairs that I had to wear for different times each day. Starting from 4 hours, to 6, to 8, 10 and 12. Just to get used to them.

My final appointment was me going back to say how I’d got on, whether I could get them in and out easy enough and for the optician to look at my eyes again. She told me that my eyes weren’t dry or sore, so I could carry on using them. All good! Then I really was on my way.

I’ve definitely gotten used to them. The thing is, once you’ve had to get a contact lens out, putting them in really isn’t so bad! I’ve had one ‘horror story’, though really, it wasn’t so bad. I was taking my lenses out, and I thought I had done it but then I couldn’t find the lens anywhere – not on the floor, not in the sink, not on me. I couldn’t see out of my eye though, so it definitely wasn’t on top. I sat down for a little and my eye started to feel weird, as though something was in there. Did a quick google and figured that yeah, it most likely was still there but in the lid. Washed my eye with water a few times to try get it to slide down. Spotted it in the corner, then it went back up. So yeah, took around 10 minutes of wetting my eye and pushing on my eyelid, but it finally came out. Not painful – just annoying! Don’t let that put you off though, the contact lens cannot go anywhere up there or behind your eye!

When I’m wearing my contact lenses, I actually feel a lot more confident and I think it’s because I look older. Even though my face still feels naked. My face just feels so open and bared!

So many times I’ve been wearing my glasses, yet had a moment of panic wondering where I’ve put them – turns out I can see so they’re on my face. When I’m wearing contacts, I forget that I don’t have my glasses on and still try to push my them up my nose… I’ve never worn them at work, because I’m always worried about needing to take them out or getting uncomfortable. I really need to though!

Experience With Contacts

Ever tried contacts?


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