Life in June ’16

I feel like June has been a weird one. I’ve been really busy, but I don’t really have much to show for it… It’s been a good month though overall, despite the weather still being winter like… I mean, freezing cold and lashing down with rain? Why can’t England just be nice to us and have a good sunny month. Not just a few days… And yes, that thing happened. The thing we never thought would happen. I’m not happy with the result, and that’s all I’ll say!

Life in June |

Great British Craft Festival

I went to this craft festival right at the beginning of the month with my sister, and honestly I was in heaven. So much papercraft stuff! We signed ourselves up onto a workshop whilst there and came away amazed. We discovered the world of powertex, made these awesome bottles and also bought ourselves a starter kit… I haven’t done anything yet, but I’ve finally prepped some canvases ready to have a play. We need something to fill one of our walls in the living room and I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet, but it’ll be black, red and silver!

Life in June |

Good food & Drinks

So I went out for food a few times this month with friends and it’s been nice to actually get out… Also went to a cocktail masterclass at Revolution and it was so much fun. We had plenty of drinks, food and fun and games. I feel like I’ve indulged a little too much this month to be honest.

Life in June |

General Life

We had to say goodbye to JD! He’s perfectly fine – don’t worry! He’s just gone back to his rightful home, which just so happens to now be in Leeds. I don’t think Charlie is missing him to be honest, she’s perfectly happy just lazing about. She has been sitting with me a lot more though, so there’s that!

I also got my helix piercing done. I’ve wanted it for ages, but I kind of got it done on a whim earlier this week. I saw Besma’s post and I was just like yep, I’m just gonna go get it done on my next day off. That happened to be Tuesday, so I’ve had it four days now… Still a little tender! I’m thinking of doing a post about getting it done and my healing process.

On Life of Kitty in June

I wrote a few posts that I’m pretty proud of this month. Whilst I feel like I haven’t been able to put much time into blogging, I’ve been feeling better about my content and my photographs, so yeah… My best bits of this month include: Using the Bullet Journal Method with Filofax, The Art of Being Mindful and My Top 6 TV Series. Still up for more recommendations of new series to watch…

How was your June?


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