My Top 6 TV Series

I love a good TV series, but a lot of the time I’ll start one and then just totally forget. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how many series I’ve started in the past year – just watched a few episodes (if I even managed that!) and then stopped. So many. I feel like it takes something special to really get me hooked, and well, here’s some of the ones I really love! (In order of me watching them, for ease!)

#1 Casualty

My Top 6 TV Series | Casualty |
I bet you weren’t expecting that one were you? (Or maybe you were – I have mentioned my love of Casualty before…) I’ve been watching Casualty since I was in Primary School. Yep, my love actually goes that far back. Now I did miss a few years, and I can’t say I’ve seen every episode but I’m hooked. Truly hooked. I love the characters and there’s just never a dull episode. Casualty is actually what made me want to be a doctor. Then I discovered all the nasty things they had to do on a daily basis and well, that was that. No thanks, too squeamish for that! My favourites have to be Charlie (he’s been there FOREVER), Dylan (because just him) and Ethan (because he’s cute). But I do love them all. Mostly.

#2 Vampire Diaries

My Top 6 TV Series | The Vampire Diaries |
I’ve been following this since 2009. Way back when it first started. I actually read the books a few years before when I was in high school, and when I saw the TV series starting I had to give it ago. I never looked back. I’ve had to wait for each series and episode, and sometimes it has felt like torture. There’s been some amazing storylines over the years, and also some a little crazy, annoying and frustrating, but I still love it. I’m too emotionally involved in the relationships and the characters to not watch it anymore. Always a Damon girl. Oh and Alaric. Klaus too. I’ve tried to watch The Originals twice though, and never got very far… Maybe third time’s a charm?

#3 Game of Thrones

My Top 6 TV Series | Game of Thrones |
The big one. It seems like everyone and their dog is obsessed right now. Don’t blame them though, this show is incredible. Action packed, comedic, sad, disgusting, happy… You name an emotion, you’ve probably felt it watching this show. Again, I read the books first. I’d heard about the show, so I started the books. I read all 5 between April & July 2012. Pretty good going, right? Then I started the series and well, I was hooked. Again. When I caught up, waiting for each episode/series thereafter sucked. Especially the wait between 5 & 6. This season has been the best yet. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited (yet absolutely disgusted at the same time) about watching something. If you’ve been avoiding Game of Thrones, I just need to ask why? GO WATCH IT!

#4 Dexter

My Top 6 TV Series | Dexter |
I discovered Dexter in my first year of university, and it was great because I got to binge watch a lot of it. And binge watch I did. So yeah, it’s about a serial killer, but you just can’t help liking him! I need to give this a re-watch actually. I wasn’t a big fan of the ending to be honest, but I can let it go because the rest of the episodes were worth it. I actually fell in love with the names Dexter and Harrison thanks to this show.


My Top 6 TV Series | LOST |
Another one I binge watched. I started this with my ex, and we got through the first 5 seasons really quickly actually. Then Netflix dropped it as we got onto the 6th season and that was that. Didn’t finish it. Then we broke up, and in my last year at uni I realised it was back on there so I finished it. Definitely got a bit weird, but I actually liked the ending. Also, imagine my surprise (and love) when I discovered that a young Ian Somerhalder was in there at the beginning… Made it 10x better, not gonna lie. I feel like this is one of those that everyone should have watched at some point. I loved it.

#6 Sherlock

My Top 6 TV Series | Sherlock |
Okay so I was doing a top 5, and then I remembered Sherlock and how could I not include Sherlock?! With only 3 episodes per series, it’s no surprise that each one is 90 minutes long. They’re kind of like mini films really. I love Martin Freeman (and I guess Benedict Cumberbatch is okay…) and I think the two of them work amazingly together. The episodes are so cleverly done, right down to all the little texts/images, the zooming in on things, the pauses in film/sound and whatever else they do – kudos to whoever directs/produces them. And I like the mystery. I’ve actually read all the Sherlock Holmes stories too, so there’s that.

So, with that said (and Thrones finishing up for the year) I need something new to watch… Any recommendations?


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