Fitness Update: Week #4

26th June 2016 2 min read

Fitness Update: Week #4

26th June 2016 2 min read

Well. Who noticed the lack of an update last week? Yeah, I took a week off. Not intentionally at first, but then I just had so much on and I just couldn’t find the energy or time. From Mon-Sun I had 1 spare evening at home. Just 1! The rest of the evenings I was either out with friends/family or working a late. Yeah, I struggled to get up early enough to do them as well. Excuses, but well I am suffering from taking a week off!

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Past weeks: 1 2 3

A little run down of what this workout actually entails… So, there’s two circuits. Each circuit has 4 exercises. You have 7 minutes to do each circuit as many times as possible. Doing both of the circuits is one round – so 14 minutes. Two rounds is complete – so 28 minutes.

Week 4. How did I do?

imageI feel like I’m actually getting less fit as these weeks go on!

Week 4 Legs & Cardio: A failed workout… I did each circuit once over. That was it. I think I need to sort my diet out because I’ve been eating at random hours thanks to work and not always getting a proper meal in.

Week 4 Arms & Abs: Killer. Again. I managed to do each circuit once per round. (But yes, actually did both rounds!) Parts were easy, but some were so hard. The commandos. Oh commandos, how did I ever like them?

Week 4 Full Body: Managed to complete each circuit once per round. Actually, on both of the second circuits I ran out of time whilst doing my last set of commandos, but obviously I carried them on to complete the set…

I had the house to myself during my second workout so made use of the space in the living room. Both George and Charlie looked at me like I was crazy. Anyway, my abs are on fire today, and I’m so, so hungry. Nothing seems to be filling the void. I’ve ordered myself some protein powder for times like this…

Next week is number 5, and there are new exercises in there. I feel like I should add that this guide also recommends doing HIIT/LISS for a certain amount of times per week depending on which one you’re on, and I haven’t really been doing that. I’m struggling to fit just these three days in around my odd work hours, so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. I’ll just get worn down too fast.

Trying to tell myself that I can do this, and complete the whole 12 weeks. I’m struggling.


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