Fitness Update: Week #3

12th June 2016 2 min read

Fitness Update: Week #3

12th June 2016 2 min read

A little late, but here’s how my week 3 BBG went…

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A little run down of what this workout actually entails… So, there’s two circuits. Each circuit has 4 exercises. You have 7 minutes to do each circuit as many times as possible. Doing both of the circuits is one round – so 14 minutes. Two rounds is complete – so 28 minutes.

Week 3. How did I do? Well I ended up doing my last workout after work today (Sunday) which explains why this post is up so late…

imageWeek 3 Legs & Cardio: Again, started off the week well. I managed to do each circuit twice on the first round, and I felt great. On the second round I did 1 and a half of the first circuit, and then did the second circuit twice – bit of a surprise there!

Week 3 Arms & Abs: No surprises here though – I managed each circuit once per round. Arm day, honestly it is the worst day of my week! I felt really tired and lethargic on this day but tried to do the workout anyway. Obviously managed to complete it but I didn’t do brilliantly.

Week 3 Full Body: First round, managed to do each circuit 1 and 3/4 times. Second round I managed the first circuit 1 and a 1/2 times, and the second just the once. It was hard towards the end.

So the positives from this week: I’m still doing it, I managed to get back to doing full push ups (and doing 10 in a row!) and I feel like I’m doing better in each circuit.

The sunshine definitely helps! I’m enjoying doing some of the days outside in the mornings, and I have this neat little area down the side of my house. Hidden from view, somewhere to put my stuff and also things built up so I can do my steps and stuff. It wasn’t sunny on the day I took this photo, but you know… We didn’t get much sunshine this week did we?

Week three done and I’m already feeling some differences – good motivation eh?


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