The Art of Being Mindful with Dreamday*

So who jumped on the adult colouring book bandwagon when it got super popular? I sure did! Colouring in is a great way to de-stress, take some time away and create something pretty.

The Art of Being Mindful | Dreamdays Journal |

Mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Using colouring as a was to de-stress, help anxiety and as a form of escapism isn’t a new thing. This method has been gaining huge popularity in the last year, possibly a lot earlier actually, and is a simple way to help clear your mind. If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that actually colouring within the lines it quite the task… It takes concentration, and whilst focusing your mind on that it can’t think about all those other things worrying you.

So yep, colouring books for adults aren’t a new concept. But, the Dreamday Pattern Journals* are just a little bit different. After saying how relaxing colouring is, I have to admit I am bad at taking that time away switching off from the internet, and sitting down to relax and colour. My colouring books stand forgotten on my bookshelf.

The Dreamday Pattern Journal*…for writing, musing, drawing and doodling.

Why do I think the Dreamday books will be different? Well they also include blank pages, meaning this is actually a notebook that has the added advantage of pages to colour. I’ve been given the Kyoto – Japanese and Marrakech – Moroccan style journals, each with illustrations inside that reflect the culture of that place. I like how each journal is based on a specific place – others in the series include Mid-Century Modern – Scandinavian style, Art Deco – Manhattan, Heraldic – Paris and Renaissance – Florence.

Each book contains 108 pages, with 36 illustrations to colour in. There are some single pattern pages, some double pattern pages and then also some double blank pages. The ivory coloured paper feels really thick and luxurious, perfect in my opinion for a bit of artistic journaling. That’s exactly what I’d going to use mine for.

The Art of Being Mindful |

The Art of Being Mindful |

The Art of Being Mindful |

The Art of Being Mindful |

I’ve been following people who do mixed media journalling on youtube for ages now, and it’s something I’ve wanted to try. I plan to use this book for my thoughts, my ideas, my plans, my drawing, my writing and basically anything that I just want to note down. It’s going to be a book I go to when I need to get away from things and escape reality. Lately I’ve been getting really anxious and not being able to shut my mind off so this is exactly what I need. First page done, and it kept my mind occupied on a lonely evening haha!

The Art of Being Mindful |

I will definitely keep you guys updated on how these journals are doing. At around £10.95, I think these ones by Dreamday are a steal. You have the blank journal to do whatever you like, with the added extra of a few illustrations to give you something easy to put your mind to. I will obviously keep all the private things away from the blog, but there’ll also be a lot that I’ll share once I’ve started. I’m excited to really get going and let my creative side come free.

Ever tried colouring books?


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