Hand-Stamped Phonetics Greeting Cards // Sew Bloom

Today I’m featuring these awesome phonetics greeting cards by Hannah Bloom: you can find her at @SewBloom on instagram.

 Hand-Stamped Phonetics Greeting Cards // Sew Bloom | Life of Kitty

We all know that I like interesting prints and quotes, right? Well, when Hannah contacted me about her handmade phonetics greeting cards, I just couldn’t say no. I have this thing about getting cards and just framing them, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing that with this one too.

I’m always interested in seeing how people come up with business ideas and especially with creative items. Hannah’s inspiration for these phonetic greeting cards came from the Oxford Dictionary, of course. Looking at the transcriptions for each word, she has created different card designs with popular messages. Certainly a unique way of showing a message, and I just really love the idea. The minimalistic cards really make you focus on the words.

These cards are made with recycled kraft card stock and at 300gsm feel like really good quality. All materials used were sourced from UK suppliers, and even the clear display bag is eco-friendly. What more could you ask for from a brand eh? The stamping makes each card individual, and I think knowing that it has all been done by hand makes it that little bit more special. I have this ‘I love you’ one, which I think is super cute – perfect for sending that romantic message, without being too cutesy and over the top. Like I said above, I’ll probably frame this!

Sew Bloom Kickstarter

Okay so Hannah has set up a kickstarter to help fund a bigger range of these cards, which currently includes 5 new designs. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter before, it is basically a platform where people can post their project ideas/plans and ask the general public for funding. Backers will usually receive a gift depending on how much is donated. You can donate as little as a £1 on this project, with 8 different levels of gifts available. The thing about Kickstarter is that the goal has to be reached in order for the project to gain funding. Check this link if you’d like to back Hannah’s hand-stamped phonetic greeting card project. I’m sure she’ll appreciate every little bit of help you guys can give! It ends on the 25th February, so there’s only 10 days left!

Other places to find Sew Bloom include: Twitter & Facebook & Sew Bloom Blog