5 Reasons to Start Listening to Podcasts

I’ve only recently delved into listening to podcasts, but oh I wish I’d started sooner! I’m not a big music listener. I’d prefer to be reading on my journeys, but sometimes it’s just too warm/bumpy of a journey and I start to feel a little travel-sick. Podcasts are perfect for those times.

5 Reasons to Start Listening to Podcasts | awaywithkatie.com

Like reading a book – but with less effort

So yeah, you’re basically following a story or information without having to actually hold a book, carry something around or use your eyes. It really depends on what kind of podcast you listen to, but Serial for example, is a documentary story. If you’ve watched Making a Murderer, I think you’ll love Serial. Based on a very similar story, Serial is about a guy called Adnan who was jailed for a murder he says he didn’t commit. The podcast is basically an investigation into everything that happened throughout the original murder investigation, and it evokes the same reactions as that Making a Murderer documentary.

Keeps your brain active

There is pretty much a podcast for everything. Just by looking at the trending topics on the app (Podcast Addict) that I use, I can see: Start Writing Fiction, Classic Short Stories, You’re Hired – Interview Skills, Learn Spanish, Exploring Philosophy, Science Underground and so many more. The ‘Start Writing Fiction’ one is actually by the Open University, and they have many more podcasts to listen to. Personally, I’d rather listen to something like this and learn something, rather than just listen to music constantly on my journeys.

5 Reasons to Start Listening to Podcasts | awaywithkatie.com

Makes your exercise more interesting

When I was running regularly, I’d typically put on the Harry Potter audio book that I was listening to because it made my run easier. When each chapter is around 30 minutes, it gives you more reason to carry on for a good amount of time. I’d always want to finish the chapter before I stopped running. Same goes for podcasts – I love listening to podcasts whilst on a long run! I think it just gives you something else to focus on, rather than the shortness of breath or aching legs.


Have a favourite TV show? I bet you there’s a podcast about it… People talking about the latest episode, theories, and all that sort of thing. I’ve just started doing this with Vampire Diaries, but I think a podcast about PLL would be pretty interesting. So many theories and things to talk about with that show, right? I’m someone who likes to google episodes after they’ve aired to see what others thought and to gain more insight into things that I didn’t really understand.

There are also podcasts for reviews. I’ve spotted a few film and book ones, generally focusing on one genre. The most interesting I have seen though is The Disney Movie Review. These guys are talking about all new Disney films that come out, with the most recent being Star Wars. It’s good because there are episodes that say non-spoiler and spoiler, so you don’t have to worry about finding something out too soon!

Listening to podcasts is free!

Yep, they cost nothing to watch. (Though, make sure you’re not streaming them over your data – that will cost you!) There are plenty of apps available to use on android and ios, and they’re updated regularly with new episodes. Once you’ve downloaded a couple of episodes you can listen to them wherever you want, and you can easily delete them again from your downloads once you’ve listened. Easy!


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