5 Reasons to take a gym class

I recently started attending the classes at my gym, and I really wished I’d started them sooner. An hours class a day is easy to fit in and I discovered so many positives to them when I tried some out. If you’re a member of a gym, it’s very likely that you’ll get free classes as part of that. If you’re not a member of a gym, find your closest and see how much classes cost – usually you don’t even need to sign up!

Here are my 5 reasons to take a gym class:

life of kitty sunset photo#1 TRY NEW THINGS
Ever wanted to try a certain exercise, but worried about doing it wrong or feeling stupid in the gym? I know I have! Classes such as body pump and circuits give you the chance to try weight exercises (at your own level!) and you can always ask the instructor for help whilst there. First ever class? Let the instructor know, and they should be mindful of that fact, and helpful! There are also gentler classes such as zumba or yoga, with no weights in sight. I always worried that I’d be the ‘worst’ one there, but I’ve seen people of all ages and fitness at each class. You don’t have to keep up with the fittest if you’re physically not up to it, and no one will judge you. Most gyms will have a good variety of classes and you can try each one to see what fits you best. Out of the ones I’ve tried, my favourites have been circuits and body balance (seems to be a mixture of yoga and pilates I believe!).

Knowing that you’re going to a fun class with a load of other people (especially if you have friends there!) can be a good motivator. It’s easier to work out in a group, because there’s always a giggle when you’re all trying to master a new toga pose, or that extra push when you’re struggling with those last few lifts. I’ve found the gym instructors to be really fun, and there’s always music to fit the mood!

life of kitty sunset photo#3 HAVING COMPANY
I’ve only just started to go to gym classes – unfortunately I’ll be leaving my gym membership when I leave Carlisle on the 7th July – and what I’ve noticed is that most people at the classes know each other, and they attend the same classes each week. I hardly know anyone who goes to the gym often, so I think going to classes regularly would help me to find friends with this interest! I’ve always been made welcome at the classes, and the people there are always friendly. It really is a great atmosphere. Now I know this will differ between gyms, but I can’t see it being that much different!

So who’s guilty of not warming up before a workout of cooling down properly afterwards? I know I am. I may be working out, but I can be lazy. Going to a gym class means you’ll get a good workout, and will warm up/cool down properly. And hey, this way you’ll learn what you can do before/after any workout!

life of kitty sunset photo#5 MIX UP YOUR ROUTINE
I’m also guilty of doing the same exercises over and over. I know how to do them, I enjoy doing them and I’m comfortable. This isn’t always a positive though – keeping to the same routine can stop you from making progress. You need to change things up every now and then!

Doing classes means you’ve always got that something different to do, and if you choose something like circuits, you could be doing different exercises each time. From what I’ve learned from the classes I’ve been to, ones like Body Balance and Body Pump seem to stick to a similar routine for a few weeks before changing up. Stick to heavy weights most of the week? Why not try a spinning class every so often, or maybe yoga?

So, who’s going to try a gym class?! Honestly, I think they’re great and I hope I’ve managed to encourage at least one of you to try it out!