Snorkelling in the Farne Islands.

26th May 2015 3 min read

Snorkelling in the Farne Islands.

26th May 2015 3 min read

Just a little note to say that this post is originally from my photography blog – Katie Louise Photography – so it is the exact same post. All words are of course my own ;)

Thursday morning was spent feeling very seasick on a boat, but also getting the chance to snorkel in the Farne Islands – surrounded by seals! The weather wasn’t too great, but thankfully we only got a sprinkling of rain throughout the trip. I’ve never really gotten seasick, but staying in one place on a boat on choppy water really wasn’t good for my head/stomach!

Anyway, as we travelled to the islands, I was amazed by the sight of so many birds. They were everywhere! We dropped half of the group off at one island, and then headed to a different one for us snorkellers. I’d love to tell you which islands, but I cannot remember at all. I got to see my first ever Puffins and Guillemots from the boat, so all was good! I wish I could have gone onto the land and photographed the birds close up, but when booking, I decided that the snorkelling was really something that I probably wouldn’t get to do again. I took the opportunity! We also got a first glimpse of a seal…

Getting ready to jump into the water, I was pretty terrified. Having never dived before, and only snorkelled in nice, hot and sunny countries, this would be my first time in freezing cold british waters. Scary! It wasn’t that bad actually. The jump was a shock, but thanks to the wetsuit my body surprisingly wasn’t really cold. My hands however were freezing! We swam for a good few metres before stopping in the shallower bits, near to the land. So many seals were out of the water, and so many were swimming around and underneath us. They didn’t come too close, but we could see them very clearly! I’ve made a little (pretty bad!) video of the day, so you can see some underwater seal shots!

Don’t forget to watch in HD!

When we got out, we travelled back to the first island to pick up the ITV guys, and then headed back for another snorkel session. I was so cold after getting out, that I didn’t go back in. I wish I had, but in that moment I just felt so cold and soooo seasick. Getting into the water may have helped, but it didn’t feel like it would! I just took photographs from the boat instead, drank tea to warm up and huddled in a big brown windproof jacket…

Our final stop was part of the water where you could see birds diving underwater, and I didn’t go in then either. This one I really wish I’d just pushed myself to do it. How often to you get to see birds diving and properly swimming under water?! Ah, well maybe it means I will have to do it again!

Overall, it was an incredible day and I’m so glad we got the opportunity. It was amazing to be swimming in the sea, with actual seals swimming around us. Definitely something I’ll remember for a long while! I really want to go back to the Farne Islands!