5 Reasons to use a Filofax

lifeofkitty 5 reasons to use a filofax

I know I don’t post about it all that much any more, but I still use my Filofax everyday. The reason I haven’t been posting about it is because my set-up never changes, but I’m thinking up related posts about organisation to come soon!

So most of us now will use our smartphones for everything: keeping information, taking notes, reminders, numbers etc. I still use a digital calendar for things like my fitness/blogging schedules because then they appear on my phone and remind me as soon as I wake up. However, everyone who uses a smartphone will also know that the battery is never brilliant and finding wifi/data signal can be a nightmare. Enter the filofax – a paper planner, that does not need battery or internet to work. The life saver.

5 Reasons to use a Filofax

#1 – They’re durable. Okay so this really depends on what model you go for, but the leather ones at least are definitely durable. The cover will only fall apart if you’ve used it for decades, and even then, I’ve seen some that have been used for 50 years with no breakage. Unbound paper planners can rip quite easily.

#2 – They’re flexible. It’s totally up to you what goes in your planner, and the rings mean that anything that can be punched can go in. You don’t even have to use a Filofax as a planner – there are many uses! Address book, recipes, career planner, blog planner etc. Whatever you can think of, you can do.

#3 – Which brings to the fact that you have the power to completely customise what inserts you have and the order they go in. I don’t change my set-up often because I’ve found the layout that works perfectly for me. Others will play around every month, changing things up to suit their needs. I like my diary pages to look quite minimal and ‘neat’, but others will use lots of washi tape and stickers as decoration. The possibilities are endless here.

#4 – Never need to worry about wifi/battery. As I said above smartphones battery can be unreliable. Writing information like a post code, or a number down means that it is always accessible, no matter whether your battery has died, or your wifi/data not working. I’ve been in this position before when travelling, and I’d especially advise writing things down when travelling abroad! Wifi is getting widely available right now, but you just never know.

#5 – They’re pretty. Okay so this is totally a shallow reason but you’ve got to admit, a leather binder does look lovely. I really like the worn/used look, and I love just having it with me. It looks pretty, okay?


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