Fitness Update: I Quit

Yep, I said it. I quit. I restarted the BBG routine, managed to do 4 weeks and then just gave up. I originally started writing these updates to give me motivation because I didn’t want to have to write about failing. Well I don’t like giving in but when something isn’t working you’ve just got to take a step back and work out why. And here’s why…

Fitness Update: I Quit |

#1 I wasn’t enjoying it

The first time I did BBG I loved it. I didn’t dread doing the exercises and I managed to do each one on the day I’d originally planned. Honestly, this I really was dreading them every day. You may have seen my moaning tweets or me being soft on snapchat… We all know how difficult it is to exercise when you hate the exercise you’re doing, right?

#2 I missed doing squats

Yep. I miss it. I enjoy lifting and I actually really love leg day. Squats are like my favourite exercise ever, and I mean those with a barbell. I managed to get up to 42.5kg at the highest, but never managed to keep at it long enough at a time to really progress. I’m joining a new gym soon and it’ll be a lot closer so I will be going there way more regularly. Plus, I should be driving by the end of the month so that’ll make things easier! Because yeah, squats.

#3 Time

Touched on this above, but basically I just struggled to find the time. I work very random hours. My Weds/Thurs are the same each week, but Fri-Mon I could be doing any hours from 8:30 to 00:00. Working early one day, then doing a close the next just really unsettles my sleeping and I don’t feel like venturing out the the gym when it’s in the opposite direction to where I work. BBG is great because you can do it at home, but for me personally I find working out in a gym much easier and more motivational to go do it. I know this won’t be fully solved by just quitting – I’ll still have to get out to the gym to get my exercise in, but I am swapping gyms very soon so I’ll be able to get there more regularly (at one closer to where I work!) as I can easily go before or after work.


Those three reasons are enough to tell me that this routine isn’t working. I mean, it worked body wise – I gained better arm strength and saw a slight difference in my stomach – but mentally it just wasn’t doing it for me. I really missed lifting, and I’ll be getting straight back into that asap! Sometimes you’ve just got to admit defeat.

Anyone got any motivation they can send my way eh?


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