The Third Quarter – Hello Autumn!

1st October 2018 4 min read

The Third Quarter – Hello Autumn!

1st October 2018 4 min read

The third quarter has been a lot busier compared to the second, with plenty of exciting things happening. Autumn is definitely arriving too. I’m not a fan of the cold at all, but I do love the colours that Autumn brings. Plus the hot chocolates. I’m always here for the different flavoured hot chocolates that coffee shops bring out at this time of year. Just three months to go now though – 2019 is coming fast!

Autumn colours on trees outsides colourful buildings | The third quarter

Happy Things This Quarter

I’ve managed a bit of travelling this quarter, including Cyprus and Paris. More about those below!

There was a huge change in my life this summer – I handed in my notice at the two part-time jobs I had and started a new full time 9-5 job. I was after a much needed change from working constant evenings and weekends, either doing 6 day weeks or not getting any shifts and never knowing what I was going to be paid at the end of the month.

Now I get two days off (in a row!) every week, I know exactly what I’m getting paid and I’m even working less hours but getting paid more. Oh and I don’t have to fight with 20-odd people for a Saturday off. Honestly, weekend work, zero hour contracts, two jobs and minimum wage is not the one. I feel like I have so much more time for just living. 

I had two big fitness challenges this quarter. First up was the Tough Mudder North West. We had signed up to the half, decided the day before to upgrade to full. It was such a good experience, so much fun and I think we both surprised ourselves! 

Then of course it was finally time for the Disneyland half marathon. An incredible weekend, such a fun race. I’m definitely thinking about doing it again next year. Even if I have to go alone.

Something a little different now – I had a go at some embroidery. Totally inspired by Jasmine, I ordered a kit from etsy and got stuck in. The finished result isn’t perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with it!

Girl in front of Tough Mudder sign, muddy after doing the challenge

Places Visited

Two trips away this quarter!

The first was a (very) long weekend to Cyprus. I travelled with my mum and we met my sister, cousin and others out there. They had gone for a wedding, we had gone just for a bit of a holiday. We were supposed to do a bit of wedding venue hunting for my sister but things just didn’t go quite to plan. It was however still a good few days. We went on a boat trip and I even managed to have a go at parasailing

The second trip was one I’ve been extremely excited about for what feels like a long, long time. I finally got to revisit Disneyland Paris, and to run through the parks. We spent Friday night exploring the village a little before having an early night, and then had both Saturday and Sunday in the parks. I will be sharing everything we got up to in the coming week, so you’ll just have to keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, my instagram @awaywithkatie has a few photos up, and a story highlight that you can look through.

Girl Floating in Sea on Boat Trip


Last quarter I managed to watch 10 new films. This quarter… I got one. Funnily enough, I left my job in a cinema in July. Now I’m not spending 90% of my life around films, I just forget what’s out. Plus, I have to pay now so you know, it’s expensive right? Anyway, I watched The Nun and I was in two minds after it. Not the best film, not the worst. It certainly made me jump and I guess that’s a positive considering it was a horror.

Likewise, I only managed one book too. Sunburn by Laura Lippman. A lady in Waterstones recommended this one to me, said she couldn’t put it down. It is definitely a bit like that once you get past the middle and everything is unraveling. I liked it, didn’t love it. The ending wasn’t anything like what I was expecting, and I guess left questions unanswered. That’s not my favourite kind of ending.

I haven’t watched much TV lately either, but in the past week I have fully caught up with The Circle and I’m hooked. It’s not usually the type of show that I get into, but I think the social media aspect has me. It’s just so interesting, so funny and entertaining.  

So what have you been up to in the third quarter?