Lazy Day Cruise Boat Trip in Cyprus with The Yellow Boat Aretousa

Yellow Boat Aretousa Cyprus

A boat trip wasn’t actually something we went to Cyprus with the aim of doing. We just didn’t really know what else to do, as previous plans had changed. That said, it was probably the highlight of the trip for both my mum and I. Even with Parasailing ticked off the bucket list.

There are various little booths all along the beaches in Protaras, all offering different kinds of boat trips. Glass bottomed boats, party boats, sightseeing boats… and plenty more. 

I settled on the Lazy Day Cruise boat trip. It was the first booth that I went to, and the lovely lady definitely persuaded me to join, without being really pushy. I spoke to a few others but none of the other trips really drew me in, although I’m sure they are just as good.

After going back to the hotel and showing my mum the options, we were soon booked on to the Yellow Boat Aretousa with the promise of a relaxing lazy cruise down the Cyprus coast. It was €14 each, and the trip would last from 10am to 2pm. You could choose to add lunch on for an extra €5 I believe, but we chose not to. 

Relaxing Boat Trip Down the Coast of Cyprus

On the morning of the trip we were picked up at our hotel and then driven down to the bay. This is a huge positive about this boat trip and company. We were staying very close to a bay where boats would be leaving on trips, however this one was actually a 15 minute drive away. The hotel pick up comes in the cost for the trip, so for €14 it’s a really good deal.

Once on the boat we travelled along the coast, occasionally slowing to a stop. First up, we headed towards the Ghost Town of Famagusta. Now obviously because of all the tension and problems around that area, we couldn’t get too close. We stopped at a place where we could see no entry signs on the land – the town just a distant run-down looking skyline. We heard a little information about what happened back in 1974 through a speaker and that was super interesting. It made me want to look a little more into it!  If you do want to read more, here’s an interesting article.

Then we headed back down, past Protaras again, along Fig Tree Bay, Konnos Bay, Ayioi Anargiroi Caves, Cape Greco and the Blue Lagoon. When they call it a Lazy Day Cruise, they were not lying. It was relaxing, we had a small bar on board and I got to sit with my legs dangling over the edge of the boat, enjoying the small splashes of the sea as we travelled along.

Snorkelling in Cyprus

At three points the boat put the anchor down and we had the opportunity to swim in the sea and snorkel using the masks on board. Honestly, I can’t remember at which points these were – except for the Blue Lagoon. 

Each stop had really calm waters that was SO clear though – you could see so much underwater. I took my GoPro of course, and had some fun trying to get photos/videos of the fish swimming around us. I didn’t get any photos – if the ones on here aren’t telling enough.

The only time I’ve ever gone swimming in the sea from a boat (and not just walking into it from a beach) is when I went snorkelling in the Farne Islands and well, that’s not really comparable at all. 

I’ve been snorkelling in the shallows on a beach, don’t get me wrong. But I think that’s why we enjoyed this experience so much, because as a first time from a boat in the middle of the sea it was pretty great.





The caves were also a pretty sight, although we didn’t get out to swim at these points. There were people swimming in these areas though, and jumping in from the rocks so I imagine you’d be better off travelling to the caves especially to swim.

Never have I just wanted to get into the sea as much as I did here! After a little information about the caves it was time to head back to land. We actually ended up getting back a little later than planned, but our transfer back to the hotel was waiting for us and off we went back to the hotel.

I would 100% recommend these guys and this boat trip. It was enough time to feel like you’d done some exploring, you got to see quite a few different areas and of course there is the advantage of being able to get out and swim in the sea. For €14, it’s quite the bargain!


Have you ever been on a boat trip in Cyprus? Or just been to Cyprus?


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