The Second Quarter – Summer Has Arrived

3rd July 2018 3 min read

The Second Quarter – Summer Has Arrived

3rd July 2018 3 min read

It’s time for the second quarter update. How mad is that? It feels like weeks ago since I was writing about the first quarter of the year, not months!Β Now we’re half way through the year summer is well underway, and we’ve been treated to weeks of hot, hot, hot temperatures. My body is still a little confused, but I’m enjoying doing my runs in the nice weather.

The Second Quarter - What's Going on |

Happy Things This Quarter

In the first week of May I went to Center Parcs with friends and we had such a great time at Whinfell Forest. Plenty of activities and fun took place. I didn’t want to leave.

I also went to the Om Yoga Show that was held in Manchester. I’d never been to one of these before and I really loved it. I took part in three yoga classes and then walked around all the stands a few times over. Definitely looking at visiting the one in London later this year.

Despite doing so many races last year, Manchester 10k was my first of 2018. It was great as always and whilst I didn’t beat my fastest time, I still enjoyed it. The day is just always fab.

I’ve also started a new running plan with Runner’s Connect. My next half marathon is in September, and whilst it’s not one that I’ll be racing for a PB (could you really run through Disneyland without wanting to take everything in?!) I do want to speed up my half marathon time. Basically, I know I’ll probably want to stop to take some photos, so the faster I can run the half means the more time I have to dawdle. Does that make sense?

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Places Visited

Okay so I didn’t really get out much besides going to Center Parcs in the Lake District. We went to Blackpool once and I’m pretty sure I went up to Rivington Pike at least once. Otherwise, nothing much!Β 

I’ve got a lot more happening in the third quarter, so this section should be more interesting come October!

Reading / Watching

Shrek The Musical. I had high hopes for this because every time I see it touring all people say is how good a show it is. And you know, it is funny. The story is different to the film, but not completely miles away from it. Some of the best moments in the film are still in the show. The music though? Whilst it was good, I couldn’t tell you one song from it now. I can’t even remember how any of the music goes. And for me, that’s the memorable bits about a musical. Right? So, Shrek the Musical was good but not amazing. We had a lovely day in Blackpool for it though!

Film-wise, I added ten to my total watched in this quarter. Making it 16 so far – not bad for 6 months into the year. These include Ready Player One, Love Simon, Grease 40th Anniversary, A Quiet Place, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Solo, I Feel Pretty, Hereditary and The Incredibles 2.

Easy favourite has to be The Incredibles 2. It was just SO funny. Can you believe the Cineworld unlimited secret showing was The Incredibles 2 though? Other big favourites include Avengers, Deadpool 2 and I Feel Pretty. For sure.

I haven’t been reading much, but I did read Eve of Man by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher. I wasn’t sure about what to expect seeing as it was a new genre for both, but I really, really enjoyed it! The story was definitely one of the most unique I’ve read (though I don’t know if there actually is something similar out there!) and I really got behind each character. They were likable for sure. Now the good thing is, Eve of Man is a trilogy. The bad thing is they’re only just writing the second and now I have to wait agessss.

How have your past few months been?