The Reasons Behind My Tattoos

More often than not, when you show someone a tattoo, or tell someone an idea, they’ll ask you the meaning. What is the reason? Why? How can you decide on something so permanent? Well here’s what I think about that, and the reasons behind my tattoos.


Do Tattoos Need a Meaning?

Nah. Simple answer there.

I am someone who loves tattoos. I do. I know it’s very subjective and I honestly I couldn’t care less if you hate them or love them. For me it’s an art form and one I’m into. Very much so.

I love it when there’s a really good meaning or reasoning behind getting a tattoo. I love that you can keep the memory of something forever close to you. That said, I think simply just liking a design enough to get it on your body is a good enough reason in itself. In that way, it becomes meaningful. It obviously meant something to you at the time you got it. Right?

Mine have varying degrees of ‘meaning’…

#1 The Book Quote

This was my very first tattoo, and I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with the pain. I opted for a small quote and it took just 30 minutes to do. No pain at all for this one. I’d been toying for ages with a quote, and honestly I was quite set on ‘All Was Well’ for AGES. I love that quote for what it means, and of course with it being from Harry Potter.

Then I read Slaughterhouse Five.

Honestly I couldn’t even tell you what the book was about now because I’ve forgotten, but what did stand out was the quote ‘So it goes’. Repeated quite often in the book, it just really struck a chord with me. And so a couple of weeks later it was tattooed to my body instead of the quote I’d originally planned!

So it goes in the book was said after every mention of death. Dark, I know. But it reminds me that sometimes you’ve just got to accept things and move on and this can relate to everything in life.

I was actually debating covering this tattoo up with an image of something, and then adding the quote in to that design but smaller. Just so it’s prettier… I don’t regret the tattoo or quote, I just think it’s a little boring compared to my others!


#2 The One That I Really Liked

Animals and nature have always been a big part of my life, so much so I wanted to study it. Some of you might already know that I studied Wildlife Media at university. I spent most of my degree sitting outside in wet, muddy places. Waiting for wildlife. Photographing random bugs, or mushrooms. I love it all.

I remember looking through Pinterest one day and spotting a photo of a girl with a moth tattooed on her calf, and I fell in love. I loved how perfectly it fit on the calf muscle and it just looked really cool.

From there, I decided that I definitely wanted a butterfly, and I wanted it to be more realistic looking in design. The tattoo I have is actually drawn up from a photograph that I took of a peacock butterfly and a scientific paper drawing of one for the shape.

So yeah, this tattoo’s reason is because I love wildlife in general, and I just liked the design. It doesn’t really have a deep meaning as such, and when people ask I’ve always just said ‘I liked it’. It took around an hour to complete and honestly didn’t hurt that much.

I think this is when I realised that actually my pain threshold mustn’t be too bad! The main parts that really stung were the tips of the wings, and that’s because it felt like he was tattooing right in my knee.

I keep telling myself that I should get something matching on my right calf… I just don’t know what! A bee is quite tempting.

#3 The One That Really Means Something

A cat. Of course. Is anyone actually surprised by this one? I am a certified cat lady. I was actually looking at plants/leaves/birds for my bicep originally. I knew I wanted thin lines, something flowery and quite ‘dainty’ looking. Then I started looking at cat tattoos, and that was it.

I took in a couple of designs that I had seen online, along with a photo of Charlie. If I was going to get a cat tattooed on me, it had to be my own! I couldn’t believe the final design when I saw it. This one also took around an hour, and again I can’t say it really hurt that much. The worst parts of this one were when my tattooist was wiping my arm clean and spraying it down afterwards! That part really stung.

This one is definitely my favourite tattoo, and now my most meaningful. It’s not something I’ve written about on here, but if you follow me on twitter/instagram you will know that we lost Charlie at the beginning of this month. Just 7 weeks after I got my tattoo. She was like my best buddy, you know? I love this tattoo because the colouring of her is just perfect. It really does look like Charlie. Can’t find the photo I used, but this one shows her colouring.

There we have it. I only have three tattoos, but I do plan on getting more. It’s addictive. Can’t help it.

Do you have tattoos? Never plan on having one?