5 Signs You’re Already a Crazy Cat Lady

I am a crazy cat lady. I am. There’s no denying that. And there’s nothing wrong with it, nothing at all… I swear.

5 Signs You're Already a Crazy Cat Lady

#1 – You own a frightening amount of cat-related items

Those in the photo above are just the tip of the iceberg… I also have socks (at least 4 pairs that I can think of), a cushion, more ornaments, prints, pyjamas, earrings, a necklace, purses, a calendar, tote bag and a lunch bag with cats on. And those are the items I can remember! I’m sure there are many more hidden away. (Proudly on show)

#2 – You’re reminded regularly about becoming an old crazy cat lady

I get tagged in cat videos or memes. I get cat-related presents. People just know. I don’t know, I guess I just give off that vibe… Even though I now have a boyfriend and am not the only single one haha. I guess I’m still the one with the cat…

5 Signs You're Already a Crazy Cat Lady

#3 – Snapchat is filled with cat photos and not drunken nights out

I mean, you’ll get the occasional night out (like twice a year or something…) and you’ll also see food or gym stuff but 80% of my content on SC is Charlie either giving me her resting bitch face look or sleeping on me in weird positions. If that sounds like your kind of thing… my username is katehlouise. Thank me later.

#4 – Conversations with your cat is a thing

If you say you don’t talk to your pets, you’re lying. I don’t believe you. The majority of conversations on my days off are with the cat. What else is there to do when you’re the only ones home? If you don’t meow back to your cat, well you’re also lying. I do speak to her in English though – don’t think I just sit there meowing all day.


#5 – Others have couple photos, or an inspiring quote as their phone lock screen – Yours is your cat

This is me. Someone saw it once and said “You really do love your cat don’t you?” and it almost made me change it but hey, it’s a cute photo and it looks good. Maybe it’ll change soon, who knows. (Who am I kidding, it won’t in the near future…)

I feel like this was like a confessing session. Where are my fellow cat ladies?! (Or men, I guess)


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