Half Marathon Training: The Final Countdown

Two days. Two days and this half marathon will be over! I’m filled with a mixture of excitement and nerves.

Half Marathon Training: The Final Countdown

Why Do I Always Get Hit With A Cold The Week Before A RAce?

Seriously though. My last two 10k races I’ve gotten a cold in the week before, and it has happened again. Except this time I’m doing a half marathon. The only positive is that the cold appears a week before, and not the day before. Then I’d have serious problems!

Because of this cold, the last run I did was on Saturday at Park Run. Is it bad that I’ve done hardly any running in the past two weeks? I don’t know to be honest. My legs are definitely well rested though and that’s better than burning out!

I guess any struggles on the day will be more of a mental thing, because I’ve done plenty of training (in fact I’ve done LOADS compared to my usual pre-race struggle to cram the miles in) and I know I can definitely run for at least 2 hours. I didn’t post as much as I thought I would but this year has been a really good year for running so far. I’ve felt more motivated. It helps that I discovered the #ukrunchat on twitter, and I’ve been following more runners on my fitness instagram. (@runliftkt if anyone wants it!)

I’m expecting it to take me between 2 and 2h30 to finish but to be honest I’ll be happy whatever time I cross the line. My longest training run was 16.5km (so pretty much just a 5k off the total) and I was pretty pleased with the time I did it in. I’ve also discovered that the race will have two gel stations as well as water, and it’s the High5 Gels that I’ve been training with so that’s great news.

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It’ll Be A Busy Day…

I’ll be kept company with my boyfriend this time, how strange! I’ve never had a boyfriend come to a race and support me. Always my mum and dad haha. He’ll have to take the role of photographer for a couple of hours, and of course wait around for 2 hours in a strange town… But then we’ll be stuffing our faces with chinese buffet food and then heading off to see the rugby. Important post-race fuelling. Obviously.

When your team plays on the same day and your race medal gets you in for free, you can’t say no can you? We’ve won 4 out of 4 games now in the league so I’m hoping this will be number 5. It’s my boyfriend’s first rugby league match so we’ve got to impress… I can’t wait anyway, it’ll be a good day!

My next running update will be a race recap… Keep your eyes peeled!


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