The Easy Way To Clean Your Car With Williams Waterless Wash ‘N Wax*

I’ve had my car for four months now (boy, that went quickly!) and well… I hadn’t washed it until this week. Nope, not once..


Before I got my own car, I pictured myself cleaning it regularly, keeping it nice and tidy inside. In reality, I’ve managed to hit the four months mark without once cleaning the outside of my car. Glamorous.

I’m just lazy and well, it’s been cold outside. Who wants to stand outside with a bucket of water and wash a car down? Not me! When I saw a post about trying out the Williams Waterless Wash ‘N Wax, well, I jumped at the chance to test it. No water, as easy as squirting the liquid and wiping away. Sounded like my kind of thing…


I was gifted a bottle of the Williams Waterless Wash ‘N Wax and two microfibre cloths – both necessary to get the full effect of the product. One cloth to do the cleaning, and one to do the buffing afterwards. To clean your car all you need to do is spray some of the liquid and simply wipe/scrub it away. I was surprised at how well it did work to be honest.

I mean, just look at the difference in the photo below… Yes my car really was that scruffy looking. I didn’t actually realise how dirty it was until I used this product and could see how clean it could look. The liquid spray was quite thick really, probably because of the wax in there, but it was easy to wipe away and you could see the difference it made straight away.

The formula contains hydrocarbon ingredients and carnauba wax, giving your car that shiny look as well as giving paint protection too. It’s supposed to help protect your car against the elements and actually when I left for work in the rain the morning after I did notice that the raindrops looked more like they were just sitting on top rather than really wetting the car. That’s hard to explain…

Anyway, once you’ve wiped all the dirt away (and disgusted yourself at the now dirty cloth), take the second (clean!) cloth and buff your car. Keep buffing until it’s nice and shiny!


Now I’m not gonna lie, this is still hard work. It’s easier than using water and soap because it takes less time, is less messy and you don’t get cold thanks to working with water. However, arm ache is still a thing and by god, I was hot and sweaty after this!

Thankfully it only took me around 15-20 minutes to do my car, so that’s not bad. And that’s with photo breaks… I could have buffed it a lot better though, let’s be real now. Like I said, arm ache is a thing. And hey look, my car is actually glittery/sparkly. Who knew?! (It actually does have glitter in the body paint… Never noticed that before.)


The 1L bottle should fully clean up to 5 medium sized vehicles, so that’s pretty good if you ask me. You’ll most likely only be cleaning your own so depending on how often you clean your car, it should last a while! Even longer if yours is little like mine…


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*This post contains items that have been sent for review however all opinions are my own.