For When Photos Just Don’t Cut It: A Papercut by Twenty Fingers

I do not hide the fact that I am a Crazy Cat Lady. Nope, I definitely do not. When this collaboration from Twenty Fingers popped into my email, how could I say no?! (Spoiler: I couldn’t)

Papercut by Twenty Fingers

When I saw the word ‘papercut’ I was a little confused if I’m completely honest! What on earth was a papercut when it didn’t include slicing your finger and crying for days? A quick look on the TwentyFingers website and well, it became obvious! A papercut is basically a cut of an image, sort of like an outline. They print out the cut of paper and then sandwich it between two sheets of glass.

Choosing A Papercut

I browsed through all the different kinds, but I pretty much knew straight away I’d be going for the Pet Portrait Papercut one. You get to choose which size you want (mine is the standard 10″ x 12″), which colour you want the frame and which colour you want the papercut. I stuck to a white frame with black image because I am a basic blogger haha. No but really Charlie is a black and white cat, so it only felt right to have her done in black rather than a bright colour, and then I wanted a lighter frame to brighten it up!

I uploaded the image I had chosen and simply waited for it to be created. Within a day or two an email had come through with a look at the final design. This was great because I got to check that it was okay, and had the option to change things if necessary. I wasn’t expecting this so it was a nice surprise, and really made the whole order feel a lot more personal.

The frame arrived well wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap within a box. It really didn’t take long at all, which is great because after seeing the proof I was so excited to see the final thing! The pet portrait papercut that I chose is priced at £69, and when you receive the item you can tell just how much has gone into it’s creation. The frame feels so tough and sturdy, and the whole thing is actually a lot heavier than I expected. I mean obviously there is glass in there too, so that contributes! It definitely feels high quality though and also comes with a hanging hook on the back so you don’t have to add anything.

Papercut by Twenty Fingers

I’m sure by now all regular followers know what Charlie looks like (if not, where have you been!?) and you can see just how good of a copy this is to the actual photograph! It looks just like her, and I couldn’t be happier. Maybe George should be next on the list? George the tortoise…

The clever duo behind Twenty Fingers are a husband and wife team, and they really do create amazing personalised gifts. Items for anniversaries, parents, grandparents, new parents, birthdays and more. Prices range from around £49 – £109 depending on the frame/size and style of print being created. They’re perfect for a special gift to someone, and I’ve got a few things already in mind that I want to order.

Ever ordered something like this before? Where are my other crazy cat ladies at?


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