Currently Tasting #4

You know when you just love food and can’t stop trying new things? Yes that’s me, though I haven’t actually posted one of these since Currently Tasting #4 in January. I just got a new set of drawers – you should see my snack drawer!


Natural Fruity Treats

These blackcurrant bars, they taste exactly like Ribena. Not kidding. They’ve got that tangy, strong taste that Ribena blackcurrent has and I LOVED them. Couldn’t get enough. Where did I get them? Aldi. I’ve been super impressed with Aldi the last few times I’ve been actually because they have quite a few random healthy treats in stock now. It’s always nice to find something new to try.

I’m also loving Bear Claws too. Yes they’re for kids but does that matter really? I don’t think so. If anything it makes me feel better because hey, they should be healthy right? It’s just a quick little snack for mid-afternoon when my eyes start closing at my desk. Had to do a little searching as I knew Lauren had posted about these kind of snacks… She was the person who had me first have a look last year!


Alternative Pastas

Ever tried lentil or edamame pasta? Or anything other kind of pasta that isn’t normal pasta? It’s a little strange to be honest, but that’s not a bad thing. The lentil pasta is my favourite. The taste wasn’t really weird or out there, but it wasn’t quite like regular pasta obviously. It definitely felt healthier! The good thing about these kinds of pastas is that they generally have a lot more protein in them compared to normal pasta – useful as a vegetarian when sometimes you just want pasta with a bit of Philadelphia and a few vegetables in there!

Gousto Box Meals

I’ve heard about Gousto many times before, but if I’m honest the prices always put me off. Why spend money on food that would cost much less to go buy yourself? Chloe tweeted about getting a free box to try out and that was it, I was in the Gousto club. There was a voucher code and then I did have to pay £5.99 to get the order to go through, but thanks to the blogger incentive running, it was refunded into my paypal account within the hour. I’m not going to lie, I was a little scared about that but I figured for 5.99 it’d still be worth it!

I chose the Veggie Lentil Pie and Mushroom Dahl and damn, they were tasty! The ingredients all arrived in a big box, with a cooler bag for the items that needed storing in a fridge. They had a date of 4 or 5 days I think and they lasted well – I cooked the pie on the second day and the dahl on the fourth. The recipes were easy to follow and it was definitely simple having all ingredients at hand with the right measurements. If you’re not a brave chef, these would be great to start you off cooking tasty meals. The lentil pie was definitely our favourite, and I’ll be using that recipe card again for sure!



What have you been tasting recently?


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