Learning Spanish with Flash Academy*

A year ago I posted about Learning Spanish with Flashsticks. I loved the whole concept of the post-it notes. Well now, along with that, they have the Flash Academy app to get a more involved learning experience.


The Flash Academy app has been out a good while now, and admittedly I completely dropped my learning towards the end of last year. I just couldn’t find the time to do it (even though I had plenty!) and it fizzled out. This year I’ve picked it right back up, and am trying again to learn more of the Spanish language.

If you looked at my previous review of Flashsticks that the app was actually quite basic when you compared it to something like Duolingo. It had all the tools you needed to learn the language of course, but definitely wasn’t anywhere near as involved as it is now! When Francesco messaged me telling me that the app was now supercharged, he definitely wasn’t lying! (Not that I ever thought he was!)

What Can You Do on Flash Academy?

Well, we now have LOADS of lessons, taking you right from the basics up to the advanced words and sentences. You can actually learn so many languages on there (I love that BSL is an option too!) but of course I wanted Spanish so that’s why my focus is on that. They do much more. I imagine each language course is set up the same.


+ Flash cards & Audio Sentences

Throughout each lesson, and when you’ve completed them you can view flashcards for all the words you have learnt. Through this you can see the Spanish word, click to view the English and also get the audio for it. This means you can quickly skip through a few words to test yourself. There’s also an option to see a few sentences for context, and of course you get the audio for those too!

+ Grammar/Culture Tips

Throughout each topic that you’re studying, you’ll get random pop up screens. These will have grammar tips (such as words being masculine/feminine) or culture tips (giving more information about native speakers). I especially like the culture tips because it gives you a bit of an insight into what’s more natural for those growing up with this language as a first language.


+ Word Games

There is a game within each learning section and this just recaps everything you’ve learnt to see how well you remember everything. They’re quick, snappy games and it’s great trying to up yourself and get a higher score each time.

+ Scanning Items For A Translation

This is a cool feature. It’s what the post it notes are for – you can scan them and get a translation/audio clip of the word. It also means you can scan a random object in front of you, and the app will search to find out what it is. I scanned one of my shoes, and it came back telling me that is was an unpaired black plimsoll. Pretty damn accurate!


I follow Flashsticks on snapchat and they’re always doing random quick language lessons on there. There’s also plenty of interesting blog posts to read on their blog, my most recent favourites being Best Spanish Novels For Language Learning, 5 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language and How To Use Language Exchange Sites. All good stuff to know!

You can use the app for free, but if you want premium, it is £6.99 for 1 month, £4.17 per month if you pay for 6, and £3.00 per month if you pay for 12. If you’re serious about language learning, it is worth the money for premium!

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a premium subscription for 6 months, but I am a big fan of Flashsticks and would not write about something I don’t believe in! Thanks to Francesco for giving me help and advising me on things to try!


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