Spring Flowers: Blossoming Gifts Bouquets*

Last week my mum had an operation. We had pretty scary news and I didn’t write about it anywhere because some things you just feel like you need to keep to yourself, you know? Anyway, with perfect timing, Blossoming Gifts kindly sent me a beautiful bouquet – something to cheer my mum up!

Spring Flowers: Blossoming Gifts Bouquets | Flowers

After speaking to the lovely Abby, I settled on the Brighton Rock bouquet and we went for large. There are just so many bouquets on Blossoming Gifts, it’s hard to narrow the selection down! You can filter the results by type of occasion, like Birthday, Romance, Thank You, Sympathy, New Baby and more. That makes it a little easier.

The Brighton Rock tandard bouquet has exactly the same flowers as the large, but it just has one less of each of the first four. So we got: Pink Oriental Lily x3, Miss Piggy Rose x4, Memory Lane Rose x4, Green Hypericum x4, Tanacetum Single Vegmo x2, Greenbell x2, Parvi Eucalyptus x2. Oh and not forgetting the little box of chocolates! That was a lovely surprise I hadn’t noticed on the list.

They arrived whilst I was at work, and as the box was addressed to me it wasn’t opened for a good 5 hours or so. When I got home, I let my mum open the bouquet and arrange them (because I think her flower arranging is probably more experienced than mine!) and the first thing she said was oh, these are actually still quite wet! Weird, yes. But what she meant was that the bag holding the bouquet was still quite moist and doing the job of keeping the ends of the flowers hydrated. So I mean yeah, that’s a plus! Apparently the 10 million other bouquets she received didn’t have this.

Spring Flowers: Blossoming Gifts Bouquets | Arranging The Flowers

Spring Flowers: Blossoming Gifts Bouquets | Chocolates

How often do you give flowers to someone? It feels like more of a ‘grown up’ thing, and I don’t totally feel grown up haha (still secretly 14) but yeah, I forget services like this exist. The flowers I were sent cost £41 (for large) which yeah, I guess are pricey compared to just buying a bunch from the shops, but you do get what you pay for. It’s all about the service (next day delivery available if you order before 6:30pm!) and the quality of the flowers. Those little touches. The prices did range though from around £20 to over £50 so I guess it just depends on your budget.

We received the Brighton Rock bouquet on Tuesday morning, and (besides the arranging/chocolate ones) these photos were taken on the 3rd day. They still look fresh! The lilies haven’t opened yet either, so I know they’ll definitely last a good few days more at the minimum. They’re also delivered straight to the doorstep in a sturdy box and with instructions.

I think most people would be happy to receive a bunch of flowers as a gift, and a service like this makes everything easier. (Except actually selecting a bouquet to send – there’s SO many!) Is it something you could do regularly? Probably not, but they’re fab as a treat or surprise! This was actually my mums third bunch of flowers since having her op (it’s a wonder none of us gained hayfever) and she’s since had a fourth. Each one has made her smile, all because they’ve been sent by different people with different messages alongside them!

Spring Flowers: Blossoming Gifts Bouquets | Brighton Rock Bouquet

They’ve brightened up our living room anyway! Ever received or sent flowers like this?


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