Currently Tasting #3

Oh well, it’s been a while since I did one of these right?! I haven’t been trying all that much lately, but I definitely need to change this. Mostly need to look at new high calorie (but healthy!) snacks to try out. I have tried a few things though, and these are my thoughts…

Currently Tasting #3 | Juicy Fuel Cola

Juicy Fuel Cola Drinks*

In 2016 I attempted to give up fizzy drinks, and I did well for the first couple of months… The latter end of 2016 was abysmal, and whilst I got myself onto pepsi max for the most part instead of any full sugar drinks, I was still drinking too many. For 2017 I am trying again. (And I’ve been doing okay! Last night I went to a pub and had a glass of water and a glass of juice!) Fizzy drinks are not good, and they don’t even taste that great to me any more.

Then I was contacted by Juice Shed about their Juicy Fuel Cola and discovered the healthier fizzy drink options. Each can is one of your 5 a day, how amazing is that? The 100% natural craft cola has been made with real fruit and doesn’t have any added sugar or sweeteners. (It does of course still have natural occurring sugars from the fruit though!) The ingredients literally consist of carbonated water, fruit juices, and natural flavouring, with the cherry flavour also including natural colouring too.

Yeah so if you’re a coca cola addict, then obviously these do not taste the same – but I think they’re a good replacement. Honestly I would definitely buy these again! The cherry one is very fruity, whilst the plain cola one kind of reminds me of cola flavoured laces/sweets.

Currently Tasting #3 | Freedom Mallows

Freedom Mallows

I was never a huge fan of marshmallows before becoming vegetarian, though I did enjoy the occasional flump… However these were sent to me by the lovely Lauren and I did actually try them a few weeks ago but they didn’t really fit into any blog posts. Until now!

As they say on the website, Freedom Mallows are not only vegetarian, but they are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, fat-free, GMO free and nut-free. I mean that’s pretty amazing right? And the great thing is, they taste just like regular marshmallows if not better. (Because I didn’t find them as sweet/sickly as the usual ones were!)

Currently Tasting #3 | Nutty Snacks

Whitworths Toffee & Pecan Shots and Nature Valley Peanut Protein Bar

Another thing I don’t particularly like (or so I thought) is sultanas/raisins. They’ve just never appealed to me. When I first bought this shot snack I saw toffee and nuts and figured yep, that sounds fab. Then I discovered it had sultanas and dates. Well I do actually like dates (so surely I must like sultanas?!) so I gave it a go and haven’t looked back. These are the perfect mid-morning snack when you feel like you’re flagging at work. The toffee makes it chewy and sweet, whilst the nuts and fruit fill you up. 100% would recommend. This is actually my second box of them… There are quite a few different kinds too, though the fully fruity ones don’t appeal to me to be honest.

This Nature Valley bar is also a great mid-morning snack, and very filling. If you don’t like peanuts, then I would avoid because this is very peanutty. Obviously. I wasn’t so sure at my first bite but it got nicer as I ate it. The chocolate definitely helps… Each bar has 10g of protein anyway so it’s a winner for me on that front.

Have you tried anything new lately?


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*Items included have been sent for review, but as always all opinions are my own.