Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone

Harry Potter Games Night. As soon as I saw that, I knew I had to go! Who doesn’t love a bit of Harry Potter games trivia on a weeknight eh?!

Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone

I love Harry Potter. I’m currently re-reading the books for the hundredth time and even listening to a Harry Potter podcast on commutes.

The Harry Potter Games Night was organised by Paladone, a company who sell such a huge variety of items – including a brilliant Harry Potter selection. I was nervous with this only being my second event, but everyone there was so lovely. Both the people running the event and the bloggers.

Upon arriving we were immediately sorted into a team (by the sorting hat – obviously) and I was pronounced team Harry! We were given cute backpack buddies to represent our team. We also each had a free drinks voucher, and out of the Harry Potter styled cocktails I went for a Gin Weasley… Super tasty. I actually really craved grape soda for a few days after it because it just tasted so good.

The aim of the night was to play as many games as possible, win some gems to fill up your house cup and hopefully get your team some prizes at the end. Unfortunately team Harry was not at the top. It was not to be.

My favourite game of the night was probably trivial pursuit, just because you know I love a good quiz. I don’t go to a pub quiz almost weekly for nothing! Exploding snap was also a good one, although I was absolutely terrible. My reflexes are slow! Instead of shouting snap you had to get to a party popper first and let it off. One to try for Christmas I think…

Other games included Harry Potter Cluedo (which I actually won – yay!), top trumps, PS2 Quidditch, match (which was pretty much connect 4 but cooler), beer pong, wand making and a guess who you are kind of game. I played most games and it was good to just go around trying all the different ones. Games nights should definitely be a regular occurrence I think.

Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone

Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone

Despite my team not collecting the most gems and winning the whole night, I was still sent home with a bag full of goodies. The Harry Potter glasses in the top photo are from Rubies and they’re probably the best I’ve seen. The wand up there is what I made on the night… The rustic look, right? Not scrappy at all.

As you can see below, we were definitely treated! So many amazing gifts. I’m most excited about using the iron on patches but I just need to find a bag I really like to put some on. Everything else is also pretty useful and the travel mug will be getting a lot of use considering my cheap Primark one has decided to start leaking.

Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone 
 | Hogwarts-Mug

Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone 
 | Keyrings

Harry Potter Games Night With Paladone 
 | Patches

Such a good night and I’m glad I didn’t let anxieties stop me from going because I’m not the best in new social situations at all. Ever been to a Harry Potter games night? Or hosted one yourself? I’m seriously thinking of trying to do something like this again.


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