Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure

It’s no secret that I love to be outside, exploring, adventuring, travelling and the like. The thing is, I never seem to be able to find the time to travel and get out there to actually do the things I want to do. Yet I find plenty of time to do nothing but scroll through twitter and instagram…

Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure |

I could easily just pack up and travel the world – if I had the money! (It’s a work in progress guys…) But in the meantime, time is the killer. When you think of travel and adventure, you tend to think of those longer trips. Getting on a plane, going somewhere far away, and getting lost in a completely new culture.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Nope.

Adventure is What You Make It

Anything can be an adventure. Go on a walk in your local woods. Visit a new park or nature reserve. Hike up a big hill. Cycle a new route. Visit a new town or city that’s close to you.

What I’m trying to say is that you really don’t need a lot of money or time to travel and explore new places. I think we all get drawn into the picture perfect travel photos online and think that’s what we need to be doing to ‘travel’, but it’s not.

The travel community is so heavily saturated now, it can be hard to want to join in when you’re not going to all these amazing countries. It kind of seems like everyone is on this incredible journey and yours just feels inadequate in comparison.

I’m teaching myself to stop this kind of thinking.

My passions lie within keeping active and visiting new places. I want to share that here on this little piece of the internet that I call my own and I don’t want to be put off by not feeling interesting enough because you know, if I’m enjoying what I’m doing then so what?

Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure |

Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure |

Becoming More Adventurous

My promise to myself in 2018 is that I’ll get out more. And by that I will:

Utilise Any Free Time Better. I currently work two jobs, and one with unsociable hours. I get my rota on a Monday, to start on the Friday. So I can’t really plan ahead more than a few days at a time for travel unless I’ve booked days off. However, I need to stop letting that get the better of me. It IS possible to get out more.

Take Time to Visit Places Closer to Home. Places that I’ve never really been to. Places that will just cost a little in petrol and not much more. I’d also like to take on a proper road trip because I haven’t driven more than 2 hours away from home yet.

Stop Getting Bogged Down By What Others Are Doing. I love to follow travel bloggers for inspiration, for tips on travelling and kit and everything else that goes with travel blogging. However, I need to remember that everyone is on their own journey. I don’t have the time off work or money to jet off to a different country every month and that is okay.

Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure | OSprey Talia Backpack |

Exploring With Osprey Europe

And I just want to say thank you to Osprey Europe for gifting me the Osprey Talia Backpack*, and inspiring me to get out on my own little adventure. This style has been designed for women, and I can definitely feel the difference with how it fits my size. I’m definitely not a tall person, but I also have a short torso compared to the rest of my body… The straps around the chest and waist on this bag fit perfectly!

The Talia is a super roomy backpack and whilst it seems large at a glance, it doesn’t feel it whilst on. It also contains plenty of pockets inside, different zipped sections (including a laptop section!) and has an integrated kickstand to keep it upright when placed down. Everyone who goes out with a backpack will know how useful this is!

Perfect for everyday use and for when you’re out on travels. I’m actually thinking this would be the perfect hand luggage for my weekend in Disneyland Paris next year… And I also need to plan a trip back into the Lake District – loved it in my uni days.

Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure | OSprey Talia Backpack |

Have you been on any adventures lately? Any 2018 plans?

*This blog post includes an item gifted to me for review. All opinions are my own. As always, I would not include anything I don’t agree with.

Finding the Time for Travel and Adventure |


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